Reasons Why You Need To Have A Lumbar Pillow In Your Life

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Sitting for long hours and laboring at work can seriously affect your health! The first thing that this routine of yours affects is your back and body posture. Long working shifts and bending on the laptop is extremely taxing physically. No matter how comfortable your office chair is, it will still cause some amount of pressure on your legs, back, shoulders and spine if you sit on it for extended hours. A lumbar support pillow works as the best weapon against this routine and saves you from recurring backache.

Hence, buying a lumbar pillow turns out to be quite a valuable investment for you, which helps you in many ways.

Some reasons why you need to have a lumbar pillow in your life are as follows:

1. Helps Avoiding Back Pain

If you have just started the desk job and can see people around you complaining about their backache at all times, it is a great time for you to deal with this issue before it becomes a permanent part of your life.

The Journal of the American Medical reports that more than 40% of people living in the United States of America complain about chronic back pain when the muscles of the human body function in conjunction, weakness of one of them can affect the working of others.

Sitting for long hours can weaken your spine greatly. As it is connected with the whole body, it has to stay healthy for all the body parts to work in coordination. Give enough support to the spine by resting it on a lumbar pillow.

2. Useful During Pregnancy

Let’s get it straight. Pregnancy is a difficult period for every woman! Even a small amount of support can help any woman going through this tough phase of life means a lot! A pregnancy lumbar support pillow is surely heaven sent.

These cushions for pregnancy come in various shapes, sizes and forms. They are designed by considering the body changes that a pregnant woman goes through during the course of nine months. Placing them in the right manner helps in supporting the changing curves and bulging belly.

Choosing long pregnancy lumbar support pillows makes it easier for pregnant women to lie on them. It reduces the backache to a great extent and supports the body weight while the user is asleep.

3. Helps improve the posture

A lumbar pillow for chair doesn’t only make the chair comfortable for you to sit on it for long hours but also aids in improving your body posture. By placing them at your back, you get to sit in a straighter position, which improves your posture.

Slouching back or bending forward tends to hurt the body posture badly. Furthermore, it can cause heartburn and other digestive issues, leading to further health issues (Backclinics). Just buying a basic lumbar pillow helps you to avoid so many prospective body issues that it is indeed a brilliant investment to make.

4. Adds coziness to your bed

Winters call for layering your bed and sofas with unlimited items. It makes one feel warm and fuzzy! A lumbar pillow for bed would not only make your bed appear extremely fashionable and friendly but would help you get rid of all your weariness once you return from work after a long, tiring day!

The variety with which the lumbar pillows for beds come is impressive. They ease the lower back pain and let the user lie down in a correct posture. The quality of sleep is hence automatically improved!

5. Gives your emotional relief

Work stress can seriously hamper your mental health and emotional well-being. Spending a hectic day at work calls for some rest as soon as you reach home. A vibrating lumbar support pillow comes to the ultimate rescue in such a condition!

The vibrating pillow doesn’t only support the back but gently massages the shoulders, back and arms. You don’t need to keep it at home at all times. Rather, you can bring it along to work as well and let it massage you when the stress gets out of bounds. It is a travel-friendly pillow. Taking it along on long journeys will add pleasure to your adventures.

6. Adorn your patio with it

People who love nature yearn to spend their time enjoying its beauty. If you are one of those who want to stay outdoors as much as possible, but the recurring backache doesn’t let you sit on the benches for long, you need to get your hands on an outdoor lumbar pillow.

An outdoor lumbar pillow can be placed on a sofa or a bench on the patio, and you can then sit on it for long hours. Without thinking about this activity potentially hurting your back, you can enjoy nature to the fullest!

7. A cost-effective way to re-do your interiors

If you are tight on the budget but want to do something to make the interior of your house look different than usual, all you need to do is buy new lumbar pillow covers. Get them in varied colors and tie up some tussles with them. Placing them on your sofas in a stylish manner will change the entire vibe of your room!

Spending a little, but wisely, can give you great results.


Lumbar pillows help in protecting the back and spine in a fabulous manner. When you place the pillow on the lower back portion of the body, it supports the spinal shape in the most effortless manner. Hence, no matter how long you play your games while supporting your back with the pillow or for how many hours do you labor while bending on the laptop, you won’t have to deal with backache or posture issues. A little investment on lumbar pillows will give you a great return by offering you a healthier life. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the most suitable lumbar pillow and add comfort to your living!

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