Lumbar Pillows; The Perfect Rescue Against Back Ache

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Sitting with excruciating back pain is a nightmare! In some cases, even lying down for longer periods of time gets impossible when one has deadly back pain, making everything uncomfortable. There can be many reasons behind the back pain, and no matter what your reason may be, you would surely want instant relief from it. From medication to yoga and from long periods of rest to hot water bottle massage, you must have tried it all! Nonetheless, the best and most lasting solution to backache is a lumbar support pillow. It is a fail-proof method of relieving oneself off, of the backache, which ensures that it doesn’t keep recurring and making you uncomfortable.

Reasons Behind Back Ache

Out of every six people, four complain about recurring backache that makes their life agonizing. Each of these people may have a different reason behind the pain that may keep coming back from time to time. Some of the major culprits of this pain are:

  • Weight Gain: Definitely, the most common reason of them all; excessive weight gain at the lower backside of the body leads to backache. Obesity (Conci) tends to place some pressure on the joints, which leads to stress-causing pain in the back.
  • Age: As people age, the elasticity of the body reduces. With time, their disks tend to lose their grip, and the spine cushions start getting weaker. Hence, pain and stiffness become a constant part of the body!
  • Sitting for Long Hours: Working on digital gadgets requires one to sit for long hours and bend on them. This exerts excessive pressure on the back, which affects the elasticity of the muscles.
  • Wrong Body Posture: People who generally sit or stand in a manner that exerts pressure on their veins affects their back adversely. With time, the nerves at the back get weak and lead to unbearable sessions of pain.
  • Pregnancy: As the bodyweight of a pregnant lady increases with time, it leads to excessive pressure being exerted on the back. This leads to backache and is removed only after the baby is born.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, other body diseases like osteoporosis and certain kinds of cancers can cause backache. These can be treated with the help of prescribed medication by a relevant medical practitioner.

Lumbar Pillow; Prevention Against Back Ache

Backache, most of the time, develops over time. Unless it is a by-product of any other disease, it can be managed in a lot many ways. For instance, people who have a bad body posture or sleep unevenly can take preventive measures to remove all the chances of having to deal with backache later on. Using a product that would give some level of relief to your back is one way to prevent backache or to reduce its intensity.

There are numerous kinds of pillows available out there in the market. Most of them claim to ease up the backache, giving some relaxation to the nerves. These include the lumbar Pillow, pillows with cut-outs, inflatable pillows and those attached to the chairs. Nonetheless, the most effective one is a small lumbar pillow, owing to the medical technique it follows.

What makes Lumbar Pillow effective for backache?

Backache is mostly felt in the lower portion of the back. It is a tricky area to deal with. The reason why it gets problematic to manage the backache is that it has a lot of muscles and joints. The spinal disks are also located here. Hence, it gets difficult for the doctors to find the exact location of the pain.

An unhealthy curve of the spins is the main reason why most people end up dealing with backache. Hence, an oversized lumbar pillow that offers support to the lower back helps alleviate the pain effectively. They are placed in such a way that only the lower back gets support, which makes it feel relaxed. It further aids in maintaining the shape of the spine in the right manner, ensuring that it doesn’t feel any kind of strain. At times, only using this Pillow can save you from going for extensive medical treatments.

Maximizing the Range of Actions

The range of motion of a lot of people minimizes, thanks to the backache. They are not able to perform a lot of actions that people with healthy bodies can. By using this Pillow, it gets easier for them to have de-stressed nerves and move the body in whatever direction they want to move!

A Must for Those Who Sit a Lot!

If the nature of your job is such that you need to sit for longer periods, it is necessary for you to get your hands on a lumbar pillow. Sitting for long can affect the natural curve of the back and distort it severely. A lumbar support pillow for recliner, placed at the lower back area of the body, gives it the maximum support it requires to stay relaxed.

Saviour During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and have to sit for work for long hours, a lumbar pillow is a MUST for you. Sitting in one position would cause a lot of stress on your back, and eventually, your baby will have to suffer. The best way to relax your back is by giving it some support with a lumbar pillow. The lumbar support pillow pregnancy is especially useful for pregnant ladies, as they can place it between their legs as well as under their backs while sleeping or lying down on the bed.


Sitting or sleeping, in general, is not an easy task when you have severe backache. A supporting product is required, which would keep your lower back, spine, and nerves relaxed. Hence, the moment you spot the signs of backache, get your hands on a lumbar pillow before it gets too severe to manage! Remember, prevention is better than cure!

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