Lumbar Pillows; Everything You Need to Know About Them

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Working from home could get taxing if you have to stay uptight for a long period. Sitting for long hours can cause extreme health issues, which require proper treatment if escalated. The need of staying glued to the laptop, for most of the job requirements in today’s time, is supreme! The routine of bending on the computer results in body pains and aches.

Finding the right solution for this problem entails one major clue; supporting your back. Sitting in the right posture helps you in ensuring that extra pressure exerted on your back by providing it enough support. Supporting the back by sitting on the right kind of chair or seat is the first step you can take for its wellbeing. No matter what additional support you decide to take, you just need to avoid slouching. Slouching refers to hunching forward of the head and shoulders, which causes a pressure on the lower back. Lumbar pillow, in this regard, comes as a great rescue!

Lumbar pillows support the back of the user, and are quite inexpensive, yet comfortable.

Lumbar Support Pillow; Limiting the Pressure on Your Back

The lumbar support pillow is a light weight pillow that is made of memory foam. It is highly portable. The design used in the manufacturing of such a pillow is ergonomic, ensuring the provision of maximum support to the spine.

The technique that a lumbar support pillow uses is really unique. Through pressure mapping, it uses a high quality, breathable memory foam. This memory foam ensures the right kind of distribution of the weight all across the body. This way, you are able to prioritize comfort while sleeping and it gives you a sound session of prolonged napping.

Sitting stiff in the same position for a considerable amount of time severely affects the circulation of blood. Using the right cushioning technique helps in bringing this circulation back on track. At the same time, it aids in reducing fatigue, mellowing down the stiffness and easing out the cramps that may arise from sitting upfront for many hours.

Mechanism of working of lumbar pillow

The working mechanism of lumbar pillow is what gives it the quality of being superior to others. It lets a microclimate thrive inside of it, which occurs mostly in the cushion. This aids the heat in dissipating well, making perspiration an easy process.

The latest form of the lumbar support pillow is quite elastic. This elasticity makes it easier to move it around your body, just according to your liking. The strap of the pillow is adjustable. This way, you can easily attach it to the seat you are sitting on. This aids in improving the posture in the most potent manner possible.

Another noteworthy mechanism that the lumbar pillow showcases is its way of defeating the germs. In today’s times when bacteria and viruses are literally everywhere, everything is prone to germs. These pillows are made of non-allergenic material, which is water resistant at the same time. Its soft velvety outer cover is machine washable. Thus, you can over-utilize it in whichever manner you want, and its essence wouldn’t go away!

Choosing the right kind of lumbar support pillow

With a plethora of options available when it comes to buying a lumbar pillow for bed, the buyer is bound to get confused. Choosing the right one seems like an uphill task, and detailed consideration may be required to make the right decision. The criteria that you should keep in mind before buying a lumbar support pillow is as follow:

a. The size

Making the right choice in terms of the pillow you buy for yourself is very important! You can either go for a full size one that would support your whole body, or can opt for the smaller one, providing your body some foundation while you sleep.

You can deal with a specific back issue with the help of special support pillows, which are bigger in size than the traditional pillows. Alongside this, during pregnancy, the wedge sized lumbar pillow is the most useful thing you can ever get your hands on!
An oversized lumbar pillow is also a great choice to make to support chronic back ache or the hurting spine!

b. Washable cover

If you are going to use and abuse your pillow excessively, you would also have to wash it regularly. For that matter, having a pillow that comes with an easily removable cover is the best way to go. You simply will have to take the lumbar pillow covers off and then toss it into the washing machine. Within a few minutes, you will see a tidy and clean cover ready to be used!

c. The material

The material of the lumbar pillow is also something you should consider before choosing one. A pillow made of memory form would be the best choice to make. This is because memory foam offers the right combination of firmness and softness, which makes this pillow a reliable option to opt for.

Before buying a lumbar support pillow, you need to be clear about two facts:

  • A lumbar support pillow is not a magic remedy to remove your backache as soon as you lay on it. Rather, it is a way to avoid it from occurring or aggravating. If you work for long hours, having this pillow will reduce the chances of you falling into the trap of back ache.
  • The pillow may not be supremely fluffy and cozy. However, it will be a great balance of firmness and softness, which will make lying on it quite endearing.


A lumbar pillow is undoubtedly a life saver! Those who have to stay uptight for long hours for work always end up in some severe back ache and neck sprain. In such a situation, support is needed to ease out the pressure. Available in various sizes and shapes, they have the ability to change your life altogether and make it much more comfortable and pleasant.

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