Kitchen Lighting: Illuminate Kitchen with Proper Lighting

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Kitchen Lighting

It is said that kitchen is made to bring families together. The kitchen is surely the room that is more committed to working. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is one of the major mistakes to suppose a small and unpleasant room for a kitchen. The kitchen is the place where house-keeper spends most of their time, so it must be brightest and pleasant room of the house. Nowadays kitchen is much more than food preparation and storage portion of the home. It has evolved into a gathering place for parties and other events. So, it is necessary to equip the kitchen with all necessary accessories. Here, in this article, we will discuss the importance and types of lights for modern kitchens.

Are you one of them that are worried about kitchen’s lighting? Say your worries goodbye; let’s start to solve the problem. Kitchen lighting is often the most neglected part in kitchen’s designing. The kitchen does not serve as a cooking area, but mostly it is used as a dining room as well. So, a kitchen must be with proper light to be convenient for faster cooking and efficient functions. Light is most important thing in kitchen interior design. Kitchen lighting does not serve as an ordinary light but adds extra illumination and classical look to your kitchen. Here are some famous lighting designs for your kitchen.

Photo Credits flickr

Photo Credits Flickr

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Kitchen pendant lighting is becoming famous for lighting up kitchens. Traditional kitchen lighting is obsolete in the form of neon lights, whereas pendant lighting can surely boost the appearance of your kitchen. Remember pendant lights hang physically and occupy much more diameter as compared to other ceiling lights. .You can get these lights as part of a theme by selecting same colors to your kitchen furniture. Different types of pendant lighting are used with various furniture styles.

There are numerous methods when it comes to kitchen pendant lighting. Metallic and plastic light shapes of bells and upside down jars are contemporary modern styles. They look perfect in modern kitchens and fits well with the heavily decked kitchen. Traditional and rustic styles look more classical, with nice flairs and parts that go well with traditional wooden kitchen furniture. Rustic styles of kitchen lighting match perfectly with stucco pattern kitchen ceiling.

Crystal is yet another famous style of kitchen pendant lighting that goes best in unique places such as ballroom kitchens in hotels and town halls. There is a vast variety of kitchen pendant lights famous of such as multi-lights, mini pendants, bowl, pendants, drum shades, down-lights, and billiard and pool table lights and many others. Favorite colors in pendant lights are white, blue, black, gray, green; some metallic and chromatic colors are also admirable. Multi colors are also becoming popular in modern kitchens.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Once kitchen cabinet lighting was used to illuminate shelves and work areas below cabinets, however, larger homes have changed the nature and purpose of the kitchen. The kitchen is now not just food preparation area it is for multiple uses. Kitchen cabinet lighting is specifically intended to produce more optimal visibility and comfort. Cabinet lighting must meet certain qualities such as lighting brightness and colors, color contribution to an illuminating surface and interior design and also luminescence free light that should not have a visual effect.

Kitchen cabinet lighting can be categorized into two types: under cabinet lights and in cabinet lights. Under cabinet lighting provides light for activities that are being done underneath a cabinet, i-e food preparation, after dinner cleanup and washing activities. In a cabinet, light is meant to give lighting for shelving and cubic space. Energy efficiency, safety, and ease of functioning are primary concerns when choosing lighting fixtures.

Kitchen Recessed Lighting

Recessed kitchen lighting is used in most of the kitchen because of their ability to acquire different light functions. These lighting fixtures can be used in various parts of the kitchen because of the limitless styles, designs, choice in mounting and performance. Recessed lights are composed of a frame in and its reflector. There are four main types of recessed lighting. It depends on the kind you choose for lighting.

  • Open down lights that light straight down.
  • Enclosed downlights also provide light straight down, but they are enclosed and have less illumination than Open down lights.
  • Accent recessed lighting is fixed in a downward direction at an angle to highlight something. They are also adjustable lamps.
  • Wall wash down-lights are fixed at the proper height to provide extra lighting. They are two types; one is open downlight, and other is half covered. Half covered is of lower wattage to avoid build-up heat inside the light fixture.

These recessed lighting types produce different light patterns. All you need is to choose the right design that can provide maximum light with no glare effect.

Photo Credits flickr

Photo Credits Flickr

Track Lighting for Kitchen

Kitchen track lighting is one of the best ways to illuminate your kitchen. There are many areas where kitchen needs more light than the usual. Track lighting can do this job easily for you. Track lighting is preferred because of its easy installation. Unlike other light fixtures, no need to renovate the area for installation. Just add a mounting track and fix to the ceiling. The single requirement for kitchen track lighting is a junction box on the roof or any possible power source. Another benefit of kitchen track lighting is its flexibility. You can twist or angle the lights to your desired angle to provide the necessary light.

Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Kitchen ceiling lighting is the most traditional lighting for the kitchen. The ceiling light is attached right to the ceiling. It is probably the most common as well as great lighting for the kitchen. One of the main reasons is their affordable price. One can find an enormous amount of ceiling lighting varying in different designs and colors. They can provide maximum light to your kitchen because of their fixture in the ceiling. The choice is yours whether to choose pendant or ceiling; all work great according to your needs.

Few more Kitchen Lighting Designs

Ambient lighting creates the general feel and looks of the kitchen. It helps in maneuvering and safe movement in the kitchen. Accent lighting is used to accentuate the architectural facet of the kitchen. These lights are fixed in kitchen cabinets with glass front design to illuminate the cabinet items. Dimmers are a significant factor in kitchen lighting. Dimmers lights can be dimmed or undimmed for the particular activity in the kitchen. Further, you can balance the light with a dimming quality for usage. Proper planning can help you in saving a certain amount of money and also can be very useful in getting the right lighting effect for your kitchen.

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