How to Clean a Dishwasher Drain

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Dishwasher drains often gets clogged with grease build-up, food debris etc. When your dishwasher stops draining completely after it is used then it indicates your drain is clogged. So the question is how to clean a dishwasher drain effectively. There are many ways to clean a dishwasher drain at home. Here are some easy ways for how to clean a dishwasher drain.

How to Clean a Dishwasher Drain

1.How to Clean a Dishwasher Drain by Cleaning the Drain Filter

Take a damp cloth to clean the filter and remove debris. Remove any debris or food waste remained in your dishwasher. Take a damp cloth and wipe around the filter and catch basin.

For example, you can find small particles like seafood shells, noodles, bones or glass shards.

Unscrew the Filter

Use owner’s manual for how to remove the filter on your dishwasher. Commonly, four screws hold the filter. In order to access the filter, you need to remove the bottom rack of the dishwasher.

Wash the dishwasher filter with water and remove grease or debris attached to the filter. The dishwasher will not drain properly if the filter is clogged.
You can use a wet vac to clean off grease or other remaining from the filter.

After cleaning the dishwasher filter, reconnect it using a screwdriver. Remember put all the screws in place before tightening. You will not need to unscrew all the screws if you drop a screw into the dishwasher bottom.

2.How to Clean a Dishwasher Drain- Unclogging the Drain

How to Clean a Dishwasher Drain- Unclogging the Drain

Remove the bottom rack to unclog the dishwasher drain from inside. You will be able to access to the drain, filter and catch basin. Disconnect the power before working on the dishwasher.

Remove the drain catch and filter using a screwdriver located in the center bottom of the dishwasher. Read the owner’s manual to locate and remove the dishwasher filter.

After removing the filter and drain catch, the drain will appear in front of you. Remove the clogs from the drain with an auger or straightened wire hanger.

Cleaning Procedure

Pour vinegar and baking soda mixture down the drain. Use vinegar and baking soda solution to flush out the drain. Pour two tablespoons of vinegar and one tablespoon of baking soda down the drain.

You can also use commercial drain cleaner for unclogging drain but they may contain harsh chemicals which mostly remain in a dishwasher.

Give the solution 10-15 minutes to sit properly. The vinegar and baking solution helps to break up clogs that remain in the drain. Pour hot water down the drain after 15 minutes to remove the mixture along with any remaining debris.

Now connect and run the dishwasher on a normal cycle after unclogging the drain. The dishwasher will drain properly and water will no longer pool in machine bottom.

3.How to Clean a Dishwasher Drain- Removing Clogs from the Drain Hose

How to Clean a Dishwasher Drain- Removing Clogs from the Drain Hose

Turn off the dishwasher power by removing the plug before doing anything.

Read given instructions on a dishwasher owner’s manual to know how to locate and disconnect the hose from the dishwasher.

After locating the hose, use pliers to pinch the wire clamp and slide it up the hose. Place a catch basin under the hose also to collect any spills that can come out of the hose.

After disconnecting the hose, trying wiggling the hose to loose remaining that may be trapped.

After removing the clog from the hose, attach the hose to the dishwasher. Now plug in the dishwasher and run it on normal cycle without dishes. The dishwasher will drain properly and water will not pool in the machine bottom.

4.How to Clean a Dishwasher Drain- Maintaining a Clean Dishwasher

You can also use precautionary tips to ensure the dishwasher drain doesn’t clog again. Your dishwasher also shares a drain with the kitchen sink. If kitchen sink is clogged then it can also a backup dishwasher. Immediately run garbage disposal before using the dishwasher. It will help to clear the drain and also makes the dishwasher even more efficient.

In most cases, the dishwasher drain gets clogged with large food particles that trap in the drain or filter. Removing the food particles from the dishes before loading them in a dishwasher can help you to prevent this problem. You can keep a dishwasher clog-free and clean in such way.

Don’t over rinse your dishes. It is a good idea to remove food particles from dishes before loading the dishwasher, don’t soak your dishes. The dishwasher needs a little grease. Without grease or grime, the soap will form during the washing cycle and it can be dangerous to the machine too.

Over usage can also cause clogs in dishwashers. You can also save money and extend the dishwasher lifespan by running it when it is full. Don’t run the dishwasher for partial loads.

Additional Tips

Before cleaning the drain, always unplug the dishwasher.

Contact a licensed plumber if you are not able to unclog the dishwasher drain. An expert plumber will help you to fix the clogs and keep your dishwasher running in proper shape again.

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