Clogged Kitchen Sink Home Remedy

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The most frustrating thing is while washing dishes you realize that the drain is clogged. The question is what an effective clogged kitchen sink home remedy is? Active clogged kitchen sink home remedy is better than waiting for the plumber who takes ages to reach and fix it. The first and foremost thing is to find the problem area only then can we solve it. Discover where exactly the clog is. If only the one drain is out of order and clogged, it is quite an easy task to execute, and if not, you may have to find the jam in the main drain pipe which ‘s hard comparatively but not impossible as we all know that nothing is impossible.

clogged kitchen sink home remedy

Clogged Kitchen Sink Home Remedy

Starting with checking the one drain, this will tell you where the real problem lies and how to solve it. After checking if you come across that this is the problem area then next thing you will need is to try and clean the drain with a plunger. To use the plunger correctly add a little water to make it runny and easy for the plunger to do its work. The plunger will suck the clog and clean the drain. If this does not help add petroleum jelly to the rims of the plunger it will add to the suction If this does not clear the sink, you still need to know how to get rid of clogged sinks so move on to the trap.

Drain the excess water in the pipe before accessing the trap. Remove the clean out plug if there is one or remove the couplings that hold the trap. Wash the trap out to remove any waste and examine it for deterioration or waste materials. Replace to see whether the problem is solved if not keep on trying to get to the solution. You have to use the snake if till now your drain has not been clog free, Push the snake through the drain until you come across the blockage. Bend the snake clockwise until the clog is removed. It will ultimately remove the clog.

Another simpler way without the stress of a plunger, trap or a snake to unclog is as follows, all you need is always available in your kitchen cabinets. These components are the ultimate solution to clogged drains. Baking soda and vinegar are the lethal combinations of getting rid of the clogged sinks.

Drain De-Clogger Recipe

1/2 cup baking soda

1 cup vinegar
1 gallon boiling water

Cautiously siphon off all the baking soda down the drain. Pour in 1/2 of the vinegar, covering the opening, so the froth is forced down, not up. Add the second half of the vinegar, following the similar procedure. Let it sit for 15 minutes or so, and then wash out with a whole gallon of boiling water.

Drain De-Clogger Recipe

How to Prevent Clogs in Your Drains

One of the best ways to avoid such slog in your drains and sinks is to be careful about what exactly you are putting into it.

“Prevention is better than cure.”

The essential elements that allow the drain to clog are coffee grounds, food remains, soap scum, cooking grease and hair are the main culprits. Avoiding these things throwing down the drain can help you with not letting your sink clog ever.

Following are the ways how to stop introducing these items to the drain

  • Save cooking grease in an old bean can or cardboard juice container. Then dispose of it in the garbage
  • Throw coffee grounds away in the trash.
  • Use a cover for the opening of the drain so that it is easy to clean and the residue will remain inside the drain and will prevent from clogging. It will minimize the maximum risk of getting the drain clogged. To get the perfect cover for the opening of your drain go to any plumbers shop and tell him the exact measurements of the drain so that the cover fits properly without any issue.

Cleaning your kitchen regularly at the end of the day is not a bad idea. To keep the kitchen clean all you need is a little motivation. There are many advantages of keeping the kitchen clean in a proper way and not just externally. Try the following methods to have a clean kitchen.

  • Run hot water through the sink after each use.
  • Hot water helps the oil from the food products fall off quickly from the drain without letting it clog inside the interior spaces of the pipe.
  • Throw baking soda into the drain and follow it with hot water.
  • Baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent, and it also absorbs foul odors and leaving your sink pipes smelling better than ever.
  • Pour 2 cups of vinegar down the drain and let it stay for 30 minutes; then chase it down with boiling water.

Vinegar is a miracle cleaner. It contains acetic acid, which acts as a terrific organic solvent in removing the organic buildup of wastes in pipes.

Clogged Kitchen Sink Home Remedy
For drains with garbage disposals, here is a trick to follow:

  1. Fill the ice cube tray with vinegar and water let it freeze.
  2. Vinegar alone is unable to freeze therefore add water to it. To execute all this one should be highly careful as we do not want any drinks of yours ending up useless with vinegar ice cubes, not the best taste to try.
  3. Turn the disposal on and then throw in the cubes.

Vinegar contains acetic acid as mentioned above this acid along with ice chills scrapes the greasiness off the walls of the drain.

Vinegar does not have an exquisite odor; you can add lemon juice to the cleaning elements. It will make the drain smell great.

Another very great drain cleaner which is easily available in the market is lye. It is an active element used to clean the drains. It dissolves the waste materials in the drain which clog the drains. Adding lye to a small amount of water cand wonders. Lye should be used in small amount and with caution.

Happy Cleaning!

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