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A kitchen is known as the heart of the home. No doubt about it, but the question is how to get modern kitchen design to design your kitchen? It’s challenging and tricky job to design the perfect kitchen. Kitchens have evolved a lot over the years. Here are some ideas to share with you all readers that must be helpful for you while designing a new kitchen.

Before starting, first, you have to put your consideration on such thing as Layout for a kitchen like One-wall, L-shaped, U-shaped, Two-line or Island. Categorically it will be traditional or modern? Which types of appliances you have a need for a new kitchen? Which type of color scheme will suit the whole theme? Also, consider the lighting style and cupboard types, etc.

Choose Layout First

First, pick a style for kitchen according to the available space for a kitchen. Here are some specifications of methods, available to select.

island_kitchen1- Island Kitchen

Island kitchen style is considered ideal for large and open kitchen style. It is perfect as it permits access to the user from all sides. Island kitchen is also an elegant solution to finding usable workspace in a typical kitchen.

2- U-shaped Kitchen

U-shaped kitchen is also another fantastic and reliable style for a kitchen, and it is suitable for both large and small kitchen rooms. You can consider it as it provides a maximum work surface and storage space.

3- L-shaped Kitchen

To get more privacy when cooking, you can choose L-shaped. This kitchen has a main wall with a shorter run of cabinets. You can choose it for a large kitchen.

4- Single-line Kitchen

The single-line kitchen is usually considered for the rooms which have only single partition wall. If you want to create more work space along with storage, then select this one.

5- Two-line Kitchen

Two-line kitchen style provides the best free space in the room because of its distance between two kitchen lines. Distance must be at least of 1.2 meters. This range allows easy access to the base unit also.

6- Galley Kitchen

If you are looking an ideal layout for smaller spaces and one-cook kitchen, then Galley style is the best choice for you. This style is characterized by two walls opposite but parallel to each other. Galley provides the best use of every square inch of space also.

Cabinet_DrawersUse of Kitchen Cabinet and Drawers

For kitchen cabinets and drawers plan out first, how you want to use and how much space is required for them. Examine the total surface area and look at what is the right place for every cabinet and drawer. Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers are the main items through which you can set the tone for the whole kitchen. Usually, people use light-wood material like maple, oak, birch, ash, beech or chestnut to create a light look as a whole. Secondly, if you want to get a dark look then choose the wood, has some color in it. Metal kitchen cabinet is another option for this purpose primarily stainless steel material is used; you can also consider this.

canopyKitchen Canopy

Create a kitchen canopy in your kitchen to give the kitchen some visible borders. This exhaust hood containing a mechanical fan is best to control the temperature, air quantity, combustion products and smoke during cooking. Different canopies with different materials are available in the market, or you can also create at home quickly.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops also have a great importance in a home kitchen. It depends on you which material you want to use to create these in your kitchen. Traditional natural materials like Limestone, Marble, and Granite, are in common use for it. But Ceramic tiles countertops looks great and versatile, and additionally, you can choose your favorite color and shape in it. Concrete countertops are versatile, as they are durable. Wood made countertops are taken as long-lasting and easy to clean and repair. Stainless steel countertops are also not wrong to select. Lastly, if you want to choose a countertop having stain and heat resistance then choose a solid surface countertop.

Kitchen Color and Lighting


Together with the colors and the lights, most important in the kitchen is to get right in design terms. Without any doubt, it is clear that the kitchen is the only place aside from the hall which receives the highest amount of foot traffic. It must be colorful with modern styles. So you can stand out your kitchen by painting with shades of purple, red, blue, gray and yellow. It will draw the eye and create a new level of depth. While painting, select the color which supports your whole theme. Lights in your kitchen can offer tremendous flexibility to your design project. You can choose LED lights for floating shelves. Ceiling lights are taken as the primary source of light to illuminate a room. You can Chandelier or Pendant lights to shine your kitchen.

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