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Bedroom lamps can be used as stylish accessories to enhance the theme of the room and provide functional features too. Whether you are looking for ambient lamps to light up your girl’s bedroom or for accent lamps, you can choose your daughter’s favorite style without compromising on the practical aspects of a lamp.

The Top Picks Among Modern Lamps for Girls

The contemporary designs available for girls’ bedroom lamps are unique and extraordinary. They are entirely different from conventional models of lamps.

These lamps are whimsical structures that are fun and cool in looks.

Moon Lamps

A full moon night is a magical scene to watch. Girls, especially, love to watch the moon and get drifted into an imaginary world that fills them with hope and excitement.

Moon lamps are made specifically for this purpose. These spherical lamps stand on top of an angular holder or an artistically sculpted hand, while some models come as hanging lamps for girls’ bedrooms. The beauty of this 3D-printed realistic moon sculpture is further enhanced by the changing lights feature.

Cloud Lamps

Cloud lamps also come in the category of hanging lamps for girls’ bedrooms. These suspended, polyester fiber cloud-like fluffy structures create a magical scene when lighted.
If your little girl loves rain and thunderstorms, this lamp will be a perfect addition to her bedroom. You can also use the feature of a sound system and Bluetooth connection to control the lightning sounds and to change the hues of the clouds.

Lava Lamps

These divine lamps include a distinct colored wax that moves through a clear liquid when heated. This wax cools down when it reaches the top, creating a continuous soothing motion of striking bubbles. How cool is that!

Your daughter, whether teen or preteen, will be entranced by this mesmerizing scene without a doubt. You can also go for glitter lava lamps too.

3D Custom LED Table Lamp With Night Light

The latest addition to the modern lamps category is these girls’ bedroom lamps with night light. It includes an acrylic glass canvas, fixated on a wooden surface, on which a breathtaking image is created by night lights.

The plus point of this custom girl’s room lamp is that it can be personalized by adding the name of your daughter to it.
Note: These night light lamps do not break when they fall. You can, therefore, place them in your mischievous girl’s bedroom without any worry!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

This is a popular choice for lamps for teen girls’ bedrooms. These fixtures are created by the Himalayan salt extracted from the Khewra mine in Pakistan.

Himalayan salt table lamps are natural ionizers. Not only do these lamps serve as an aesthetic, but they are also associated with improved mood (Chromologic), health, and sleep (although not proven scientifically). They also come in the category of pink girl’s bedroom lamps due to the soothing pinkish glow they illuminate when lit.

Neon Wall Art Lamp

What’s better than wall art that serves the purpose of a lamp too? The neon lights are arranged in any shape, most popularly in unicorn and mermaid shape, along with any custom message to add value to the girl’s bedroom lamp.

The adjustable light feature (mostly 3 ways) will allow your girl to sleep comfortably without complete darkness.

3-Way Cut Out Table Lamp

This sleek and chic girl’s bedroom table lamp with night light is one of its kind. With its lampshade attached directly to the base, this mid-size table lamp has cutouts in its stainless steel spherical base. The night lights are present within this sphere. When ignited, they light up the whole room with the shape engraved on it.

Have you seen how appealing 3D cutout lamps look when the night light is on? If not, then immediately buy a starry 3-way cut-out table lamp to leave your daughter awestruck by the scene!

Pink Feather Lamp

A pink feather lamp is a prime example of a hanging lamp for a girl’s bedroom. Feathers symbolize resilience along with delicateness. It is a symbol of hope and strength that endures everything despite being so frail in appearance.

This superfluous arrangement of delicate feathers is very appealing to girls of all ages. This pink girl’s bedroom lamp is a vision on its own. It will inspire your little girl to push through in life and continue to strive for what’s right.

French-Themed Lamp

French-themed bedroom lamps for girls’ rooms are an ultra-chic way to add an element of twist to a vintage-style bedroom. Such fixtures come in the category of lamps for teen girls’ bedrooms. The traditional French country-style lamps will add a retro look to your theme. The specific candlestick-like holder in these lamps showcases finesse and grace. You will surely not regret adding this ever-living masterpiece to your daughter’s bedroom.

The Lampshade Buying Guide for Girls Bedroom

Conventional lampshades also have options for customization. You can go for a variety of patterns or colors to liven up your daughter’s bedroom.

Note: Whatever type of bedroom lamp you choose for your girl, do not forget to analyze the practical aspects of it. You do not just want a showpiece. Energy-saving and adjustable light options are the key features to look for.

The Rainbow Unicorn

Brightly hair-colored unicorns, in staple shades of pink, white, and purple are a favorite among young girls. Your little princess will be elated to add this unicorn table lamp to her pink-themed room!

This statement piece comes in various shapes and sizes, however, the most liked version includes a unicorn image sewn into a plush pink faux fur fabric.

Statement Pink

Girl’s pink bedroom lamps add a feminine touch to your room. You can create a statement by adding a ravishing pink table lamp to a neutral color-toned room. This lamp will establish that it’s purely a girl’s bedroom!

Whether you decide to go for darker shades of pink or pastel pink shades, it’s entirely up to you. You can also choose from neon shades or dual shaded lamps of white and pink color to increase the aesthetic appeal of the bedroom.

Ravishing Turquoise

Can you believe that turquoise bedroom lamps for girls are on a rage? Apart from teal and blue, this greenish-blue color is associated with wisdom, tranquility, and hope. The appeal of your room will be doubled by the turquoise bedroom lamps designed specifically for girls.

You should go for the turquoise blue lamp if you do not want to add traditional pink-colored decor to the bedroom. For lamps for teen girls’ bedrooms, go for contemporary simple designs while for small girls, you can add details as much as you want.

Tahlia Dream

A beautifully beaded lampshade will be a perfect addition to your daughter’s bedroom. You can never go wrong with this simple and graceful structure.

Note: Check for the sturdiness of the beaded lamp. If you have an active girl child, it’s best to choose from other options available in the market.

Flower Garden

A lamp shaped like a flower bouquet will keep you fixated on its beauty. This beautiful structure will amplify the beauty of any space. It also comes like a flowering tree with changing mood lights to not disturb your little one’s sleep.

Aquatic Vision

A lampshade made with joining different shades of glass showcases an ethereal view when lighted from within. The exemplary color scheme will be loved by your girl child. This clean design lamp, when lighted, will make your daughter feel like she is within the ocean itself.

Pro Tip: Customizable options in lamps are in trend for girls’ bedroom decor.

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