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When decorating the girl’s bedroom, adding appropriate curtains is the best way you can enhance the overall look of the room.
If you want to impress your daughter with your impeccable choice, follow the list of advice we have compiled for you.

Types of Curtains

First and foremost, you should know the types of curtains to make an informed decision about the curtain you want for your daughter’s bedroom.

The characteristics on which curtains are differentiated are:

  • Light absorption
  • Heat insulation
  • UV protection

The types of curtains, based on the criteria above, are:

1. Sheer Curtains

These low-density curtains are made of translucent material, thus allowing most of the light to pass through. It also provides almost no heat protection due to its sheerness.

You will see that the majority of kid’s bedroom curtains for girls are made up of sheer curtains due to their delicate appearance and elegance. These curtains are also known as ‘privacy curtains’ as they will allow your girls to see outside during daylight while preventing strangers from seeing directly into their bedrooms.

2. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are moderate density curtains that provide reasonable heat absorption and prevent most of the light from entering the room.

If you are looking to add curtains to your teenage girl’s bedroom, blackout curtains are the best option as they come in a variety of designs and colors while also serving the purpose of appropriate light blockage.

3. Coated curtains

Such curtains have a layer of rubber polymer coated on their backside thus providing ultimate heat protection and light blockage.
However, due to the limitations in its styles and unappealing texture, adding such curtains to the girl’s bedroom is avoided by many.

There are very important aspects to consider when decorating a kid’s bedroom. Appropriate heat insulation from curtains will ensure that the room does not heat up during summers or gets cold during winter. It is also necessary for curtains to block light (if your kid’s bedroom is facing the sun) so that your precious girl can sleep uninterrupted even during the day!

Getting to know the essentials about the curtain fabric helps you narrow down your search to exactly what you need. Depending upon the location and size of your daughter’s bedroom, you can choose either of the options.

Pro Tip: Layering is a Lifesaver!

Do you want maximum heat insulation and light prevention but also cannot compromise on the looks of it?

Are you tired of hearing your daughter’s obsession with unicorns but are at a cross about how to incorporate it with a practical approach?

This is where layering comes to the rescue.

You can layer sheer or uncoated curtains with coated curtains in the back to enhance the look and also retain the light-blocking feature. So, if your precious girl wants unicorn curtains for her bedroom, she can surely have it her way! You just need to layer surreal sheer unicorn curtains with a blackout lining so that both of you are in agreement.

Styles of Curtains

The styles of curtains refer to the way of hanging draperies in a room. Being a focal point of your girl’s bedroom, you can experiment with various styles suiting the needs and requirements.

Some of the most common curtain styles are:

1. Grommet Curtains

This style is preferable if you want to go for the option of heavier curtains for the girl’s bedroom. The double ring system present in grommet curtains provides endurance and safety of the draped material. Grommet curtains are threaded into the curtain pole through the fabric’s top end.

2. Pleated Curtains

Pleated curtains are basically of 2 types:

● Pencil pleat curtains
● Pinch pleat curtains

In both of these styles, pleats are pre-made stitched together. However, if you are going for a fuller look, we suggest you go for the pinch pleat style as it uses more fabric. The pleated curtain design is hung by hooks, so you do not need to install curtain rods in this case. You must, however, invest in a good channel lane for the kid’s bedroom curtains for girls as cheap alternatives tend to obstruct the smooth gliding of the curtains and will in turn affect the efficiency of the curtains.

3. Tab top Curtains

Tab top curtains include straps of fabric that loop or tie on the curtain pole (Our sincere suggestion: Try to avoid this style if you want to block external light to the maximum during the day. The tabs do not offer as much coverage as other designs.)

4. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are an ideal choice for creating a restful environment in your girl’s bedroom. Although they do not block the light completely, they still filter out most of the light to create a zen space for your precious girl. Blackout curtains are quite versatile, whether you want pink curtains for the girl’s bedroom or purple curtains for the girl’s bedroom, always go for this style as it gives you the freedom to choose the colors while also providing practical coverage!

5. Thermal Curtains

Have you heard of the latest ThermaShade technology? This technology has made the manufacturing of extra-thick twill lining possible, a highlighting feature of thermal curtains. Such curtains are very energy-saving as they retain heat during cold weather and keep the room cool during summer. Not only this, the extra thick fabric will give a fuller look to the curtains, a desirable feature for curtains of the girl’s bedroom that is requested by many.

6. Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains help you achieve an effortless look that is elegant and simple. These curtains can only be made by light material as eyelets (curved metal rings) cannot hold the weight of heavy fabric such as velvet. Eyelet curtains are popular for their impressive clean lines and flowy design, an attribute that can make any small room look bigger.

Tips for Styling Curtains That you Should not Miss!

● Heading style can have an impact more serious than you think.

The heading style you choose can have a tremendous effect on the performance of the curtains you go for. The common styles such as grommet, tab top, and rod pockets have supporting structures such as rings, loops, or tabs employed in them. They allow a significant amount of light to leak inside the room. Although it wouldn’t make much of a difference in an adult’s bedroom, your kid’s sleep cycle is likely to be disturbed by it.
We suggest, in such a case, you should go for pinch pleat or pencil pleat style curtains for maximum coverage of the windows. This hook style design drastically reduces the amount of light filtering through in comparison to other heading styles.

● Opt for upward-placed and outwardly-extended pole

The placement of a curtain pole or rod is also an important consideration when deciding where to hang the curtains. For blackout curtains especially, you should place the curtain rod approximately 8 to 9 inches above the window and extend it 10 inches or more on both sides of the frame.

You will see that this method greatly reduced the amount of light entering from the top and sides of the curtains.

● For fabric – go for dramatic length and width

Did you notice high-end boutiques that use this method to add a flare to their space? You can never go wrong by adding extra fabric. Always measure the length of the curtain from the height of the rod. The extra fabric you get as a result not only gives added protection but also opens up various styling opportunities for you! You can now puddle your curtains and add extra folds to mimic the regal curtain setting of your daughter’s favorite princess movie!

● Use the ‘Hook and Eye hack’ if you can

The pleated curtains have one disadvantage: although it allows no external light to enter from the front, the sides of the curtains are completely exposed which leaks sunlight into the room. To tackle this you can use the ‘Hook and Eye hack’. Simply drill the wall just beneath the rod and insert an eye parallel to the structure. Now place the final hook of the pleated curtains in it and voila! Now you have completed the final measure to prevent light leakage from the sides and bring the curtain as close to the wall as possible.

Choose the Style of Bedroom

Deciding on the style of the bedroom will help you narrow down the color palette you want for the room. You can then choose the furniture, decor, and curtains based on it.

(If you want to enhance an already set up room, just add new curtains and new sheets depending on the theme you settle for! Trust us, the change will bring a fresh twist despite being economical.)

Tip of the Day:

Only choose statement curtains when decorating a simple room.
Layering prints on prints is repulsive. Tone down the color palette of the room if you want your statement curtains to stand out. And if there is enough drama going on in the bedroom in terms of colors, it’s best to go for simple, shaded, or patterned curtains to give your eyes a rest amidst the colorful decor and theme.

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