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The paper is a colorful material as well as great fun to work with. At home, if you take a look at your walls you might think to decorate them and make them beautiful and attractive. You really can add a unique personality as well as a character at your home by wall decoration with paper craft. Charm and beauty will be added to your room’s wall by beautifully decorating the walls of our house. Beauty and energy can be brought to the room by handcrafted decor that will give a creative as well as warm feel.


Craft Flowers for your room wall decoration

Following are the steps you need to follow to craft flowers for room decoration.

First of all, you need to bring Color paper, a pair of Scissors, a piece of cardboard, pencil, a measuring scale, craft glue and craft paper.

Step 1

Take a cardboard and cut it in a circular form. Take a craft paper and place circular form cardboard in the middle of it.

Step 2

Use craft paper to cover and wrap the cardboard disc with the help of craft glue.

Step 3

Take a pink color, a pencil, and a measuring scale.

Step 4

On the pink paper measurement take of 5*4 cm, mark it and cut it.

Step 5

To make a cone paper will be folded and rolled into a square shape. Multiple cones of paper will be made.

Step 6

On wrapped cardboard of craft paper, stack these cones in a pattern of the circular wheel. It will finish the craft’s first base layer.

Step 7

Take different papers of different colors. Cut them in the same dimensional square cut to make several cones.

Step 8

Inside the first layer, paste these cones ½ inch inside it.

Step 9

Take an extra paper of different color at this stage.

Step 10

Cut the same dimensional squares and various cones as above.

Step 11

Now paste these cones on the second layer.

Step 12

In this stage craft’s third layer has been reached.

Step 13

Take the 4th color paper to make a cone, and repeat the pasting procedure.

Step 14

For next layer, take a yellow color paper.

Stage 15

Take different color papers, and repeat the above procedure to reach the craft’s middle or center portion, down to the center, and paste a pearl in the center that is the craft’s last finishing touch.

You have successfully created and shaped a lovely and attractive wall decoration paper craft art to decorate the wall of any room.

Wall decoration with Paper Craft for your room

Following are the steps you need to follow for wall decoration with paper craft.

First of all, you need to bring Color Paper, Scissors, Wool, Thread, Thermocol, Green Tape, Pencil, Glue, Quilling Strips, Circular Card Board, four pieces of decorative glass (circular shape, a diamond shape), Quilling Tool (Needle) and Silk cloth. (Optional If you want to make flowers of silk cloth, you can use these.)

Wall decoration with paper craft for your room
Wall decoration with paper craft step by step Procedure

  • Take circular cardboard and wool.
  • Use wool to wrap some portion of the cardboard. Use wool with different beautiful color shades to enhance the beauty of your wall.
  • Take quilling strips of green and brown color.
  • Apply the glue to one end of the brown stripe. Paste the green stripe on it.
  • Take a quilling tool and fix at Brown stripe’s end. You need to hold it and begin to roll it tightly.
  • In the end, apply the glue to stick it. Use a tight coil of Quilling strips.
  • Around the cardboard’s center gap apply glue as that part is not covered in wool and all the coils will stick till the 3/4th gap.
  • Now take Thermo cool balls of white color. Use cutter to cut it into two identical parts.
  • On central circular portion, apply the glue to decorate. You need to stick this Thermo cool.
  • Now take a quilling strip of yellow color and paper of blue color.
  • At one end Quilling needle hold on Quilling stripe to make one tight coil. Now apply glue at the other end and now stick it to roll to complete.
  • Take another paper and cut into the dimensions of 2X20cm.
  • Cut thin stripes on one end with the help of scissors along its length, and take one side as it is.
  • Apply the glue to the other side. It will be packed everywhere the tight coil.
  • Repeat all the above steps to make more flowers.
  • Your wall will look beautiful and attractive with this wall decoration with paper craft idea.
  • Now take silk cloth and cut the leaves.
  • Stick it to the cardboard with the help of glue as it’s about the place where the wrapping is completed through the wool thread.
  • Take handmade tiny flowers and along with leaves to decorate the cardboard. Ensure that in the middle there is a proper gap for further more decoration.
  • Now take Thermo cool balls of different colors.
  • Cut the Colorful Thermo cool into two halves.
  • Apply the glue to the cardboard’s edges, and stick all the halves of Thermo cool.
  • Now make yellow flowers as per the procedure of tiny flowers.
  • Use the green silk cloth and cut it into leaves.
  • Now decorate both on the cardboard.
  • Take different colors tiny flowers that you made before. Stick them in the middle gap that you left earlier.
  • It will enhance the beauty of your wall décor.
  • Now, finally,  take glass four pieces of diamond and circular shape.
  • Apply the glue to it and stick it on the wool. The same gap will be there among the pairs of glass.
  • You have successfully created and shaped a beautiful and eye-catching wall decoration with paper craft. You can decorate the wall of your room to make it beautiful.
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  1. Michelle Leslie

    I love how you made those flowers Sumaira and how detailed you’re step by step instruction are. They look lovely all grouped together like that on the wall decor.

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