The top picks for curtains for a girl’s bedroom and much more!

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Once you have decided on the fabric and style of the curtains you want for the girl’s bedroom, you can now get to the fun part!
Get creative with colors to enhance the ambiance of the whole bedroom. There are so many available options to choose from these days.

However, we have handpicked the best-selling curtains to make it easy for you to decide what girls of different ages generally like.

(Make sure you choose a reputed and well-regarded brand for curtains as it always proves to be beneficial in the long run.)


The top picks for girls curtains are

1. Princess of Unicorns

Unicorns, the free-willed, strong yet gentle magical creatures, are beloved to girls of all ages. This is why the demand for unicorn curtains for girls’ bedrooms has been constant for such a long time. The variety of options to choose from is quite diverse. You can either create a bold statement by choosing curtains with huge printed unicorns or you can create a subtle mark by adding layered sheer unicorn curtains for the girl’s bedroom with small fixtures throughout the drape. Make sure to add pink curtains or purple curtains to your girl’s bedroom when layering sheer unicorn curtains. This enhanced gradient will boost the energy of the room.

2. Pretty in Pink

If you are thinking of adding pink curtains to your girl’s bedroom, do not let any doubt cross your mind. Pink is the statement color of girls. Nothing screams more about a classic girl’s bedroom than a room decorated with pink! All the shades of pink, whether bright or dull, are generally liked by young girls. If your daughter’s bedroom has a neutral color tone, go for bright pink or fuchsia curtains to transform your daughter’s space beautifully.

3. Bright and beautiful Yellow

Haven’t you heard the phrase ‘yellow is the new pink for girls’? This lively color shade has become a girl’s favorite in recent years. Yellow, a color of compassion, hope, and happiness, will brighten up any room. The most trending shade is rich mustard yellow, which you can buy as plain curtains or subtly designed drapes including florals and leaves to increase the feminine sophistication.

4. Blend in Teal and Pink

Blended colors give you the best of both worlds – you get the iconic pink curtain for your girl’s bedroom and a pleasant twist of teal that adds to the beauty of pink even more! Such curtains exude beach vibes and will make your little girl feel like a mermaid.

5. Purple- a statement for luxury and finesse

Purple curtains for girls’ bedrooms are an ideal choice to make your beloved daughter feel like a queen. This color is popular among all ages; you will even find most of the curtains for teenage girls’ bedrooms in this shade range. The regal statement that purple curtains make is unlike any other thing. We suggest you go for deep purple shades or layer it with sheers to add an extra element of elegance to your girl’s space.

6. Crimson magic

Nothing sends out more glamor vibes than classic crimson red draperies. These curtains will make your girls, whether young or teenage, fall in love with them. Crimson red curtains will give an edgy look to the room and are ideal for girls who are adventurous and love attention. The glamourous yet chic feel that these specific curtains give off is unlike anything else.

7. Lavender love

Our personal favorite is lavender curtains. This color is suitable for your sensitive yet compassionate girl that has become a fighter in life. Lavender curtains will add grace and sophistication to the room, while also making a small room look bigger, solely due to light shade and ability to blend in.

8. Pastel tones

Pastel-colored curtains for girls’ bedrooms are the talk of the town. Pastel colors have a feminine touch to them, with soft tone colors evoking a sense of security and calmness. These serene feelings amidst the chaotic world we live in are a symbolic representation of girls, the innocent little beings that are full of life and hope. The popular colors of pastels for curtains are dusty blue, faded pink, earthy green, and muted yellow.

9. Quirky drapes

If you are on a hunt for the perfect curtains for your teenage girl’s bedroom, quirky drapes are an ideal option to showcase the creative side of your teen. You can choose from a variety of handmade artworks available from budding artists or better yet, get your daughter involved and ask her to design the drapes with everything she loves! These personalized drapes will be a prized possession of hers throughout life.

10. Rainbow all the way

Such curtains are in demand for little girls and teens alike. Rainbow curtains for the teenage girl’s bedroom come in many funky designs, representing all-inclusive love and friendship. Rainbow kid’s bedroom curtains for little girls, on the other hand, create a bold inviting feel for the bedroom. This will encourage your little ones to stay in and play with their things.

11. Sheer madness

This iconic curtain is one of its types. Pair up a statement color blackout curtain with bold patterned sheer curtains to elevate the positive vibes of the bedroom. This refreshing touch will surely impress your preteen’s friends and make your little one excited and happy.

12. Glow in the dark

Did you ever think there would be girl’s curtains for the bedroom that glow in the dark? Well, neither did we! These curtains are made up of high-quality blackout material so that when the bedroom goes dark, the glow-in-the-dark details are revealed. This pleasant twist will evoke your child’s imagination. You can choose any theme, be it mermaid, galaxy, or sea, and choose glow-in-the-dark curtains based on that.

Top picks for bedroom styles for girls

Bedroom styles are a vital factor to consider when designing a girl’s bedroom. Your focus should be to create a place that your daughter will look forward to relaxing and spending time in.
(Note: If you are planning to add curtains to your teenage girls’ bedrooms, try to consult your girls beforehand for their preference of the style and design that they want for their room. Teens can be very choosy, therefore it’s better to be safe than sorry!)

Some of the most popular bedroom styles for girls are:

● The zen bedroom

The zen bedroom is made with one purpose in mind: to promote relaxation and peace. Avoid the pop of bright colors in such bedrooms. Add appropriately colored blackout curtains and washed-off tones and textures to establish a quiet, relaxing environment.

● The Scandinavian-style bedroom

The Scandinavian style boasts simplicity and coolness. Choose laid-back, simple furniture style and go for muted tones to adorn the room. A classic black and white Scandinavian-style room is quite in demand for teenage girls. You can pair it up with self patterned, ethereal-looking drapes to add even more drama to the room.

● The boho bedroom

Bohemian style is quite popular among teenage girls. You can adorn the walls with professionally made statement curtains that have Ibiza-style vibes and tessellating patterns to tone up the mood of the room. The overall theme of a boho-style room is relaxed and comforting. Add personal touches to it, especially ikat prints, which are a trademark of the Bohemian style.

● The cottage bedroom

Soft pastels are a go-to option to enhance the rustic feel of a cottage-style bedroom. If you want to dial up the vintage feel of the room, add floral printed, muted hues and handmade pieces throughout the room. You can even add a white or an off-white canopy on the bed to enhance the vintage look. The curtains should also match the vibe, therefore choose simple elegant designs only.

● The modern chic bedroom

This contemporary modern design motivates a minimalistic attitude. Add pom-poms or any other vibrant curtains and comfortable floor cushions for a reading corner. Decorate a plain wall with multiple frames of inspirational quotes and appealing designs for a homely touch to your daughter’s space.

● The futuristic bedroom

Go for contrasting patterns to make the room pop. You should also add statement decors and futuristic designer furniture for the perfect contrast in the room. You can also choose classic curtains that never fail to turn an eye.

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