How to Makeover a Teen Boy Bedroom

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When children start approaching adulthood, their needs and interests change rapidly. As they grow to their teen, they go outgrown their room. So, you have to plan carefully ahead. You will agree that teenagers have their opinions; you can’t impose things on them. Sometimes you may need to compromises so that everyone should be happy. As teenagers are much different from regular little children in school, you should consider the way to decorate the bedroom that can be most appealing, here is a post on teen boy bedrooms decoration ideas and don’t forget to visit the teen boy bedroom ideas resource post as there is a vast information there. You just give some thoughts not only bedding, upholstery, paint color, window treatment, wall art or wall treatment but also things like shelving and furniture. A teen boy bedroom makeover should reflect your unique personality. Here we are looking at some of the finest ideas regarding how to makeover a teen boy bedroom.

Why Makeover A Teen Boy Bedroom

Makeover to a teen boy bedroom not only the transformation of the appearance the bedroom but also can benefit the relationship between you and your teen. Let’s explore the top reasons.
It’s a practical gift to your teen boy with a valuable learning.

  • The bedroom makeover can make your teenager feel important and valued.
  • It’s a positive way to stay connected with your teen.
  • This project should improve the organizational skills in your teen.
  • It’s an encouragement to you boy to get rid of stuff like excessive toys and clothing.
  • You are encouraging the pride of ownership as well as the responsibility of renovation the own space in your teen.
  • It should be a great experience to your teen with expensive tastes and budget management.
  • Although it’s a makeover to your teen boy bedroom, you are increasing the value of your home also.

Unique Painting Ideas for Teen Boy Bedroom

Paint comes first in the list when one tries to makeover any room. In your teen’s room, only clear colored paint can be a tedious thing for your boy so that you can consider mural painting on walls of the bedroom. You can choose a theme that is more appealing for your teen boy. Usually, Sports Themes, Camouflage topics, and Wilderness issues are most likely in this regard. Apart from the themes, you can consider other methods like painting one wall a deep green or blue, an intense orange or red and then use toned downed shades of contrasting colors on remaining walls.

photo credit flickr
Photo credit Flickr

Some Bedding Tips for Teen Boy Bedroom

Bedding refers to the things that lay on the mattress of the bed with an intention to provide warmth comfort to the user. Usually, teenagers lead very active lives. So, to keep your teen energetic and fully rested you have to ensure that he sleeps comfortably. Spruce-up his bedroom with appropriate teen bedding so that he rest well. Bedding for teen boys could be available in different types, fabric, and colors. Before choosing the bedding for your teen’s bedroom must consider the factors like comfort-ability, theme matching, and bed size. You have the option to choose from duck feathers, goose down, polyester, wool stuffing and organic cotton. Apart from the decorative intention if your teen suffered from allergies like itchiness or stuffy nose, then you have to go green with organic bedding. The organic bedding came without chemicals and made from natural fibers like wool, cotton, and silk.

Adding Study Area in Teen Boy Bedroom

Apart from relaxing and contemplate life, a teen boy bedroom will also be a place for research. A study area could be an excellent addition to your teen boy bedroom. Probably that is one of an essential furniture required in a teen boy bedroom. While choosing a study table for your teen must ensure that he can study for long hours and without any discomfort. When it comes to the study table should be featured with storage facilities for hardware and other accessories. Additionally, you can install shelves separately to arrange the books. Study tables are available in different types including free table single tables and complete wall system. You can easily choose one that best suits your requirements. Or you may need to add a desk to work on plus he requires internet access. Desk lamps and some extra electrical outlets for computing devices are also mandatory.

photo credit flickr
Photo credit Flickr

Some Decorative Intentions to Teen Boy Bedroom

Besides above-mentioned things, you may need to add some objects that enhance the decorative plan of the bedroom. If you teen is engaged in extra curriculum activities and has some trophies or similar collection things then, you may require incorporating a selection of beautiful shelving. You can also beautify your teen bedroom with some wall hanging especially through posters of some influenced characters that he loves most. Let him select the fancy corners for his room. In the article, we haven’t mentioned anything regarding furniture. You can incorporate with your choice or can visit our other articles on teen boy bedroom for more detail. While you make over a teen body bedroom, make sure that you carried out your best to provide a rich place with all aspects that he required.

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