How to Unclog Toilet Without a Plunger- Seven Easy Ways

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Toilet clogging is not an unusual matter to any home. Anyone can experience this clogging problem in toilets, kitchen and other water drain regions in the home. We often use a plunger to fix this out. However, if you want an immediate remedy at home, you may use different techniques and DIYs for this problematic phase you are suffering with. Here are various simple ways for how to unclog toilet without a plunger.

How to unclog toilet without a plunger

Besides using a plunger, homemade remedies to fix this are also capable. If you are looking to how to’s for unclogging of your toilet, then we have a solution to how to unclog the toilet without a plunger.

How to Unclog Toilet Without a Plunger

1. Use waste removal with ‘ENZYM’ ingredient

We use local waste removal solution for clogging of toilets. However, these low-quality solutions result in not more than a waste of money. Use high quality and waste disposal with an ingredient of ENZYM as this chemical helps in breaking down waste into pieces or even melt them. This method will only work on organic waste, not toys or plastic materials.

Carefully read the directions mentioned on the product bottle as over time can cause harm to the pipes. If a clog is stubborn and deeper, you can use such liquid. Make sure you wash your hands with hand wash and sanitizer to prevent from any chemical reaction after doing that process.

2. Use a Drain Opener

Use a Drain Opener

If you feel like small particles and hair stuck in your toilet drain, then use a drain opener and leave it for at least 25 minutes. It is another effective way to fix clogging problem.

3. Baking soda and Vinegar Solution

Baking soda and Vinegar Solution

It is one of the most efficient remedies for unclogging toilets. Though this solution will not work on solid hard obstruction like toys, hair clips, etc. Now you might be wondering that how would you make this chemical mixture. All you have to take one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar, mix it well, so it makes an odor fizz solution. Both the vinegar and soda have chemical agents which help in dissolving unnecessary clogs of a toilet or even kitchen. You can use any vinegar for your convenience.

4. Bucket full of Hot Water

Bucket full of hot water

Well, this method doesn’t affect stubborn hard clogs rather clear fats and other stuck particles with pipes. You can mix baking soda and vinegar solution in hot water and pour it into the bowl from your waist length so that water drips into the bowl quickly. That force of the water flowing from waist length would help clogs to flush away.

Let this mixture remains in the for overnight. If the water would drain then, it’s an alarm to no more clog in the toilet.

5. Plumbing Snake is another useful tool than Plunger

Plumbing Snake is another useful tool than Plunger

A pipes wind (at the time called as “adaptable cleaning instrument” or “twist drill”) is a versatile loop of wire that can “snake” through the bends of a drain and get further than a wire can. The best snake is a “wardrobe auger” which is composed mainly to remove unnecessary clogs without harming or recoloring the bowl. A handyman would likely utilize a storeroom auger.

Embed one end of the snake into the drain. Push down, encouraging the snake to penetrate into the drain until you feel an obstruction.

Twist and push the snake through the clog. The objective is to spare the clog or blockage into little pieces that can travel through the channels. It might take a couple of minutes of moving to remove the clogs. Once the water channels, push the toilet flush nob to see whether it drains as fast as should be expected.

6. Wet and Dry Vacuum could be your last choice

If you have had a go at diving and winding without any result, consider utilizing a wet/dry vacuum. Try not to use a typical vacuum cleaner––it must be the wet/dry assortment that can adapt to water.

Suck the water out of the bowl with a vacuum. The bowl must be free of water and some other flotsam and jetsam with a specific end goal to vacuum out the obstruction.

Insert the vacuum nozzle into the clogged drain. Push it into the bowl and further for few inches, so it goes into the hole. Use only the flexible hose, as opposed to a connection. Curl an old towel around the nozzle of the vacuum to make a seal around the drain.

Now put a pressure of your hand on the towel around the nozzle to make a great tight seal. Sit tight a minute or two for the vacuum to work. There’s a reasonable possibility the vacuum can suck out the clog.

7. Major surgery if nothing works

With all your efforts go in vain, your ultimate decision would be a major surgery by pulling up the whole toilet and send it to the handyman or fix it yourself. This process will take several hours or even a whole day to fix it legitly. Since you need to kill and unfasten the water supply, halfway dismantle the toilet, and unscrew it from its mounting ring. Odds are, you can then get at the issue. Make sure to purchase another wax ring and new mounting jolts to reseal the toilet base to the mounting ring.

Hence, these all home remedies are useful and can be done by any adult at home. Make sure keep children away while doing these process so that it won’t harm them and not you either. These remedies can be done without a plunger. Avoid powerful chemicals. If you are not aware of plumbing process, then you should not try them yourself without guidance.

If the clogs are stubborn and nothing works, you can call handyman or plumber for service. These services could be expensive but leave your toilet to clog free for a longer period.

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