How to Unclog a Toilet with a Plunger

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Clogging is a part of any sanitary system in one’s home. Whether it’s in your toilets, kitchen, or even in your garden drain. This mind pounding problem is messy and can be fixed by yourself or by a handyman if it is stubborn. The leakage system can be fixed if you have important required tools like ‘Plunger.’ This tool plays a great role in unclogging any blockage in the drain. Here you will find how to unclog a toilet with a plunger.

What’s the problem in the flush drain you actually found? Is it a leakage, blockage, or some other issue? If you flush your toilet drain and the water is staying in a bowl, you might face a clogging in your toilet. If you want to fix it out by your own, you are definitely a brave person to deal with that messy stuff.

So the question is how to unclog a toilet with a plunger. You must have this tool in your home not necessarily if you have clogging issues, but you can keep it as a backup. You can clear clogs yourself without having to pay a plumber.

Here we have a solution to fix this problem with the help of Plunger. Check this out step by step process to get rid of this problem.

Make Preparations before Unclogging a Toilet

Make sure you have a thicker toilet papers and extra towels in your home to place them on the floor around the flush. If you have any spare or ragged clothes in your closet, consider wearing those to avoid any stains and filthy water.

Next, put a thick or probably the rubber gloves on your hand or even covering your hand till elbow. You might need to put your whole arm inside the flush bowl to detect a clog reason. Keep children away while doing this activity.

How to unclog toilet with a plunger

This tool comes in different sizes and quality, pick the best quality so that it cooperate with your for a longer period. Plunger consists of a rubber flange at the bottom which forms a seal. Do not use the little shabby suction-glass sort of plunger. These will frequently not work.

Affirm that your plunger makes a tight seal. You have to wrap an old cloth around the finish of the plunger to stop any leakages.

Run the plunger under boiling hot water before using it. This will mollify it up, which will help with make a seal.

First Step: Insert Plunger into the Toilet Bowl

Embed the plunger into the bowl. Ensure the plunger totally covers the gap. The plunger ought to be submerged in water to be viable. It is imperative to push and to pull with water, not air. Add water from the sink to the bowl if essential.

Pump the plunger over the opening. Begin gradually at initially since the main drive will push air into the bowl. Push down, then draw up forcefully to lose the obstruct and release it. Pump it vigorously pushing and pulling until the water starts to deplete or drain. It might take 15 to 20 times before it unclogs. Be tolerant, insofar as you’re certain there’s no hard question, diving alone regularly suffices. It won’t work promptly but rather would regularly work after a couple rehashed endeavors/flushing, with every exertion constituting of many plunging.

How to Unclog a Toilet with a Plunger

Second Step: Check toilet drain again by pressing flush button

If the water is draining eventually and not rushing fast enough like a regular flush process, you have to keep plunger inside in the bowl, so it blocks the air, and sudden push will unclog it if there is stubborn substance. Unclogging might take enough time, and it would be a test of your patience level, so keep trying until the water rushes into the toilet without any pause.

What are the Causes of Clogging

What are the causes of clogging

Although there are certain reasons for the toilet clogging and we know that this mind pounding irritating issue can cause due to certain reasons. We have some most common causes listed below.

1. First generation toilets

This happens to old installed toilets in homes. However, if you keep your toilet well-flushed, then this might not happen. Make sure you constantly be checking your toilet as it got of age and its life is almost finished. Due to it’s wrecking a life, you may consider replacing it with a new one.

2. Waste obstruction

If the waste is not properly flushed off, you may suffer from clogging a toilet. If you throw toilet paper in the bowl, make sure you flush it out instead of letting is dissolve. Heavy wastes and non-flush substance can cause clogging. If you are renovating your toilet, make sure you cover the toilet with the lid so that any stubborn building particles or pieces don’t fall into it. Moreover, avoid disposal of hair in the bowl as hair are common clogging substance in the toilet.

How to Prevent Your Toilet from Clogging

Prevention is better than cure. It is important that you keep your toilets maintained and frequent examination is important. Keep an eye on children to avert them not to throw and non-flush material in the toilet.

Use cleaning agent in a toilet to keep the flow of water running instead of giving huge bucks to the plumber. The “Affability Flush” is a simple answer for forestalling regular clogging.

In the first place, flush the underlying waste. At that point, flush the bathroom tissue separately. This has a tendency to be a typical remove any obstruction bothering the toilet.


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