Coca-Cola is not only a tasty and delicious drink but also an extremely mild acid that is really useful to clean up the toilet bowl stains. If you are not going to spend much on the expensive toilet bowl cleansers as well as you also want to get rid of the toilet limescale. Then use of the coke as a cleaner will be the best choice as it costs around 50 cents per liter. It’s also a non-toxic as well as a nonpoisonous cleaning solution. And it’s completely safe for the humans.
Follow the following easy tricks for how to clean toilet bowl stains with coke.

How to Clean Toilet Bowl Stains with Coke

How to Clean Toilet Bowl Stains with Coke

How to Clean Toilet Bowl Stains with Coke

Stage 1

You need to open up a can or the bottle of the coke. It’s not required as much in order to clean the toilet. Twelve fluid ounces are present in a standard sized soda that basically becomes in 1.5 cups which are actually enough. You need to measure the coke if it is in a big container and put it in the glass.

Coke basically contains gentle phosphoric and carbonic acid that actually acts as a cleaner. Basically, carbonization provides these chemicals rather than flavorings into the soda. Diet and regular coke are similar. Thus, because of this many of the different carbonated drinks and club soda can be used instead of coke.

Stage 2

In the second stage pour down coke around the rim of the toilet bowl. Allow it to flow and reach over the mineral stains beneath. Make sure to apply a thick and heavy coat of coke to the bowl stains. In order to wash they will appear at the bottom of the toilet bowl. On the other hand, on the mineral stain, there will be a thin coat that remains.

It’s really hard to influence the high stains in the toilet bowl. So, try to use an old rag in order to soak it in the coke as well as use your hand in order to apply it. If you do not want to use your hands, then, a spray bottle can also be used that will be filled with the coke.

Stage 3

Be patient as it’s the basic key to success. As long as the coke will sit in the toilet bowl, there will be more chance that lets the acids that are present in the coke to work more quickly to break down the mineral stains. Try to give at least one hour to the coke deprived of disturbing and unsettling it.

In order to get additional cleaning power and control, before going to bed you need to pour down the coke in the toilet bowl. Allow it to sit for the whole night.

Stage 4

In this stage, all the mineral stains will be loosened in the toilet bowl with the help of the acids present in the coke. Remember that let the cake sit in the toilet bowl for several hours or even for a night. After this, you need to flush the toilet for once. With the help of the toilet water, all loose mineral stains will be rinsed and washed away.

Stage 5

You will immediately see the results of the coke acids that how quickly and how well they remove and eradicate the mineral stains. In order to remove and eradicate the build up, mineral stains and some kind of rings coke will work extremely well as it can be used for most of the common and usual problems in the toilet bowls. Most of the times each and every mineral stain will not be completely removed and eliminated. If you feel that it’s necessary to the procedure then you need to again apply the second coating of coke.

Stage 5

One of the most boring, tedious and dull tasks is to clean the toilet. Admit it no one wants to do it. So, above is the best and easiest homemade cleaning method that will clean your bathroom and toilet bowl at low cost.