How to Clean a Hairbrush

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We often overlook to pick the right hairbrush for our hair type and we go with the same from a long time. We don’t feel any botheration changing this tool as it gets messed up inside if not cleaned and replaced with a new one. Different hair type requires a different type of hair brushes, Richman said. We usually see different types of brushes placed in a can in the saloons, but never happened to actually know about them and their productivity. You can only know when brush uses on your hair. Do you how to clean a hairbrush for best performance and long-life?

how to clean a hairbrush

What types of hair texture have you? Rough, curly, sleek, bob, thick or any other? Make sure you are using the right type of hair brush for your hair to keep your hair alive and healthy. It is also important to know how to clean a hairbrush once a week so that you get rid of hair residue and grime stored in the scalp of your hair brush. There are different online tutorials about how to clean hair brush at home, you can find out different methods to deal with it. If your hairbrush has of age now and lost its bristles and became weak, you should consider replacing it with a new one according to your hair type.

Choose Best Hair Brush for Your Hair

Selecting one that is optimal for your hair type will give you better results. Here we have discussed some main hair brushes for your hair types and how and when you can use them. First, we will start with the brushes suitable for all hair types and will also discuss how to clean a hairbrush at home with simple methods.

1. Sculpting Brush

Sculpting Brush

This brush is suitable for all hair types and especially when you are trying to style your wet hair. If you are up to an event and running of time, you can pick this brush for your blow dry at home without sparing extra bucks over it. You can clean the hairbrush easily as it has less smooth bristles and they won’t damage and pull your hair from your scalp.

2. The Vent Brush (Plastic)

The Vent Brush (Plastic)

It has thick but soft and smooth bristles. The vent brush works best at times of detangling and blow-dries at home. It has more bristles than sculpting brush which makes easier to detangle even your dry hair. This brush was famous in the 90s and used in styling different celebrities with short bobs. It usually results best for short or bob styles and not longer than that. There are easy methods to clean hair brush of this type available online.

3. The Thermal Brush

The Thermal Brush

It works best for thick, coarse and long hair for a blowout. If you are a working woman and can’t pull some time out to facilitate your hair, this thermal brush will treat you well in that case. You can make softer looking hair with the best hairstyle with this brush at home without breaking your bank. It functions like a metal round brush with the heated metal base.

4. The Boar Textured Bristled Brush

The Boar Textured Bristled Brush

Normally this brush is used in long and thick hair to make them in an even tone and softer. Marcia Brady brushed her hair 100 times before bed to make it detangle and smooth, and keeping in mind that we don’t prescribe going to such awesome lengths, she was on to something: Natural hog swarms help empower the scalp, circulating oils through the hair while detangling. Hog is likewise the way to getting the delicate, brushed-out surface of vintage waves.

What are Boar Bristles Brushes?

The main function of this brush is to brush off the grime stored on the scalp due to which our scalp looks messy and untidy. Boar bristle brush has a tendency to remove all the grime from the surface the scalp and makes it clean.

Best Hair Brush for Frizzy Hair

“Thick hair is at times testing, and many women don’t know how to give their regular surface a chance to radiate through without harming it from styling tools. In the event that you have thick, wavy hair, make sure to pick a brush that holds up to your solid locks.

It’s best to utilize a wet brush or a wide-tooth brush on your hair when it’s wet and you’re anticipating giving it a chance to dry actually,” These brushes are extraordinary on the grounds that the bristles are wide-set and will help detangle without pulling off your hair. Furthermore, they help with smoothing before you start the styling procedure.”

How to Clean a Hairbrush

Every person has different scalp and hair texture and one cannot compare her hair texture with other. As technology has made our standards of living easier than before however, we are more prone to damage as well. Our body is build up of natural oils and minerals and so that our scalp and hair. We must take due care while considering any treatment and hair duo for our hair. We usually take treatments and show negligence in taking care of our hair after treatment.  Often we listen to the preventions and tips but we always make it unheard. Make sure you clean hair brush every time you use it.

We use wrong brushes according to our hair texture which results in hair damage and fall at the same time. Keep things safe and simple by adding little or precautions and measures to take for safe and healthy hair.

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