Houseplants: Best Low Light Indoor Plants

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Importance of Best Low Light Indoor Plants

In 2012, WHO estimated that 4.3 million people died due to house indoor air pollution, and the victimized countries include mostly low and middle-income countries. Fresh and clean air is mandatory for us. Air is not like as it seems, it pushes our skin up to 15 pounds of pressure to one square inch. We are so familiar with the weight and can’t feel it, but our lungs feel it when bogged down with toxins. The causes of indoor air pollution could be different and vary from room to room. That’s why best low light indoor plants are so important.

The leading sources of indoor air pollution are gasses and tobacco smoke and particle from combustion worldwide. If your concern is about fresh and clean air inside your home or office, then make a wise choice of indoor plants. The number of plants in shape, texture, and size are available and can be grown with ease indoors.

How to choose best low light indoor plants?

photo credit flickr

Photo credit Flickr

To select most appropriate plants for overall styling of your home, you have to consider not only the decorative features but the qualities of plants also. Although several plants are more likely to grow indoors, still have the need to consider the necessary requirements of planting like temperature, light, and humidity before starting. Choose a nursery to get plants which are specialized in indoor plants and don’t hesitate to ask questions about plants before you buy.

Nursery experts can help you to make an appropriate decision. Observe the plants carefully and check buds, flowers, and leaves, you can quickly inspect the disease by checking the undersides of leaves. Be sure that your selected plant should look healthy to an eye. If the plant has brown edges or leaves look insect infestation, simply it is not the one to take home. For indoors plants, you can choose containers in your style that enhance the beauty of the plants.

Striking plants for foliage interest

When selecting plants for foliage interest, one of the important aspects is its foliage appearance as these plants does not contain flowers all seasons. Considerable features are their size, shape, and texture and importantly color of leaves. Some plants for indoors are mentioned here which may help you to choose the plants according to your indoors requirements.

  • Velvet Collection

    photo credit flickr

    photo credit Flickr

Velvet plants are one of the best choices while considering foliage interest. These plants have unusual features and grow very fast with furry leaves. Initially, these plants grow upright and stem bend with age. These plants are also known for their offensive smelling flowers. Usually, when they reach maturity emit a strong odor with small red and yellow flowers. These plants love the bright light, so the front of a sunny window is the right place for a Velvet plant. Velvet collection includes some plants, but people most likely are Gynura Aurantiaca, Gynura Sarmentosa, and Gynura Procumbens.


  • The Poinsettia

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photo credit Flickr

Particularly one of the best indoors plants, well known for its bright green and red foliage from autumn to spring and use for floral display. You can place it best on the table centerpiece and can also find in pink, orange, marbled, white or cream coloration. The Poinsettia loved warm and sunny conditions and required soil moist.

  • Ornamental Pepper

For the perspective of decorative splash indoors, another choice is Ornamental Pepper plant. This plant produces elongated fruits which change from green to yellow to red. Aside from decorative uses, this can also be used in food or cooking. Ornamental Pepper loves to grow in warm and sunny place.

  • Polka-Dot Plants

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    photo credit Flickr

Polka-Dot-Plants have their distinctive look. Neat little plants can add character to any space with their pink, red and white dotted foliage. Place these plants at the prominent place where you want these unusual look. These plants require moderate light like warm but shaded conditions to grow best. Don’t over water Polka-Dot-Plants as the soil becomes soggy. Additionally, Polka-Dot-Plants also allow growing from seed. After getting the plant, you can move them to their pot.

  • Royal Agave

Royal Agave is one of the beautiful water plants. It is a plant with small species of lush flower and chunky leaves in sharp spines. You can judge the beauty of this plant when viewing from the superior side. Usually, this needed warm and sunny situation. It is purely a water plant but waters it infrequently in winter. The best place to position the plant could be a little table which can transform a great look.

  • Maidenhair Fern

    photo credit flickr

    photo credit Flickr

The beautiful Maidenhair Fern contains delicate lacy leaves on a wire stem with small fonts and rare appearance. Without any doubt, these plants can produce a very exuberant look to any space. Relatively these plants require high humidity, warm and shaded area. Light green leaves look beautiful when you place the Maidenhair Fern on the north or east windowsill.

  • Lemon Geranium

Lemon Geranium (Pelargonium) has its distinctive features. This plant is well noted because of its gold shaded, aromatic leaves and lovely fragrance which released when plants are warmed by sunlight. Typically this one required sunny position. It could be a very welcoming appearance with this plant.

  • Bird’s-Nest Bromeliad

    photo credit flickr

    Photo credit Flickr

Nidularium commonly known as Bird’s-Nest Bromeliad is an excellent piece for foliage interest. This evergreen plant permits arching leaves, a most decorative central rosette of dark green foliage and dark red flowering. As it is epiphytic perennial, requires partially shaded and warm site.

You have a variety of different range plants of foliage enthusiasm to pick best ones. Select your favorite plants according to the whole theme of your indoor decorum. It should be a beautiful addition as well as will help to keep your indoors air fresh and clean.


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