House Cleaning: how to keep home Clean and Beautiful?

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House cleaning is an art which allows you to make your house better, clean and comfortable place. We all know about the importance of a clean environment and also know disastrous results of a dirty environment. House cleaning is an essential aspect of our life. So the question is how to keep home clean in a busy life? Simply it’s best if you do cleaning your home by yourself as you know the value of your property and will get maximum satisfaction also. Here are some tips that will surely help how to keep home clean and beautiful.

How to keep Home Clean and Beautiful?

Carpet and Rug Cleaning

How to keep Home Clean and BeautifulCarpets or rugs are a charming addition to any home, and sometimes these are delicate and expensive. You can use a bar or rotating brush for cleaning on the back of them, doesn’t matter its carpet or rug but for the front always use suction. A vacuum machine can only do it in best. If there are fringes to clean don’t vacuum them just fluff them by hand. Through this, you can quickly clean up your queen size bedroom carpet of 12’ x 15’ within 5 to 7 minutes. Importantly be aware while using shampoo or spray, some shampoos are mad for synthetic use. Before using, always check is it for carpet or rug shampoo or spot cleaner.

Upholstery Cleaning

uphostlycleanUpholstery cleaning depends on the type of material you have in your living area. Leather and suede upholstery has their different cleaning or care requirements, and their fabric is treated differently. For the fabric before doing anything, first vacuum it which is very useful and easy way to remove dirt and dust. Usually, when the spill occurred leather and suede are treated with a wet cloth or water detergent that is not suitable for synthetic material. For such problem, always use a dry-cleaning process with water free cleaners. On the other hand, the fabric can be the mystery sometimes you can clean upholstery fabric either by using water based or water free cleaner, depends on the materials. Some upholstery cleaning equipment is available on the market. Choose which is easy to use with the less physical effort required. Numerous new machines are fitted with advanced attachments to make cleaning easier.

Kitchen Cleaning

kitchencleanA kitchen is a place which gets dirty fast. You have to clean kitchen from top to bottom, or we can say that it requires extra attention. Some important points are given on how you can keep your kitchen clean. Dish washing and sweeping are the generals in kitchen cleaning some other things are focused here.

  • Try to clean the front, back, inside and outside of the appliances, and you can use green products to keep the outside surfaces of the tools.
  • Maintain the items like cookbook, towels, and aprons at their right place.
  • Clean the appliances frequently used, on a daily basis especially stove and refrigerator.
  • Garbage disposal should be at its place and use plastic bags to cover it so that you can put wastage in the bag directly.
  • To keep clean kitchen sink is hard, some advance scrubbers are available now select one for sink cleaning. These are really helpful and incredible.

Additionally, you can schedule your work as per your time availability on a daily basis. I know it’s not easy to do this all regularly.

Floor Cleaning

3To remove stains, dirt, litter, allergens and dust from the floor; floor cleaning is the only solution especially when you have kids at home. Categorically two types of floors are considered wood floor and tile floor. For cleaning, both are treated differently. For tile floor, you can use lighter fluid or steel wool soap and for wood floor polyurethane is the best as it keeps the wood floor too shiny. Now many advanced floor cleaners are available in the market which can be helpful for you to do clean the floor in very short time.

Bathroom Cleaning

bathroomcleaningBathroom cleaning is a challenge which has never ended. As bathroom has different surfaces to clean so some little hints are here which may be helpful for you?

  • Use a scrub brush to clean the bowl.
  • For toilet bowls, showers and tub use disinfectant cleaner having EPA registration number. These are recommended by the government for killing germs.
  • For ceramic tiles, you can use liquid bleach or mildew stain remover. After putting the liquid, just leave the surface for 10 minutes and do remaining after this.
  • For vertical surfaces use spray foam or thick liquid as these are considered more efficient.
  • Keep the shower door open after cleaning to keep it dry.

If you have a busy life schedule, then it’s better for you to develop a house cleaning schedule. Some tasks can’t be regularly performed on a daily basis, so you can divide them with an easy schedule.


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