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Tired of looking for the best teen girl and teen boy bedroom ideas? Obviously, it is not easy to decorate a beautiful bedroom for your teen boy without proper ideas.  Differences between Men and Women are a beauty of this world and our likes or dislikes all revolve around these differences. When having kids at home, we have to take care of everything they own or going to go through in their growing age. Teenage is an era that is the foundation of a man or woman. We raise kids to grown up human, and in all this process, we are tightly bonded. Keeping those differences in the mind, we set up our homes. The bedroom that is the most time spent area in teenage can be referenced as a foundation of a house. What should we care when renovating a room into a teen boy bedroom or teen girl bedroom? Here are few good teen boy bedroom ideas for you that can surely help you to decorate his room.

Opinions and Thoughts of your Younger

Girls and Boys are different so their ideas too. If your son wants a kind of bed in his room, your daughter may be wanting the opposite to that. For sure, if you are designing a bedroom for a boy, there is a different product line, and for girls, there is entirely different. Their thoughts are as important as any other element of the bedroom. It is needed to ask them what they want, how they want it, and what’s the stuff they don’t want. A teen may want to show off all the personality in the room, so you can’t do it on your own alone. So when you are going to do a bedroom for him or her, make a plan and have a nice sitting with different aspects and thoughts in the room.

Teen Girl VS Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas- Colors and Themes

Although all the accessories count a lot of information or renovation of a bedroom, its looks are most important. Color and theme can entirely transform a teen bedroom from dull and miserable place to a refreshing and sparkling part of the home. Considering girls and boys, we can take it to a further level of choices and variety. No doubt all teens like bright colors in their rooms, Girls like Pink, reds, and yellow, Blue is purely considered a boy color. So you can mix them up in a way that place should show the personality if you’re younger. As discussed before, you should take their recommendation and respect it while remodeling a bedroom for them.

Here are some decent teen girls and teen boys bed room ideas.

Color Choices

Teen boys girls bedroom color ideas

Girls Color Choices

  • Pink
  • yellow
  • red
  • purple
  • gold
  • lime green
  • lavender
  • light orange
  • Violet

Some Teen girl room color ideas from pinterest

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Boys Color Choices

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • black
  • orange
  • white
  • earthly colors
  • Green
  • Beige


Some Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas for Color from Pinterest

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Theme Choices

A theme consists of many parts; it is walls, roof, accessories, beds, armoires, and the list goes on. There are endless choices for each of the constituent. You can take walls as an example. Polka dots on the walls of a teen girl bedroom can give you such a finish that can be said simply awesome. Similarly, on a boy’s bedroom, you transform the wall into symmetric lines or some geometrical curves. Here are some comparisons for themes that you can implement. Beyond the colors and decorations, you can remodel your teen’s home into a theme like A Cottage theme or Contemporary style bedroom. You can go with a craft and playroom area theme. It all depends upon desires of your teen. Painting and posters on the wall are good to give a girly or boyish touch to a room so you can use them freely.

  • Chocolate Brown Walls, Hot Pink Accessories like a table lamp, curtains, etc.
  • Gray Walls, with white accessories, can run forever in her teenage era
  • Light pink walls, Magenta Curtains, and white accessories
  • Green and Pink Color pallets with Lime Orange Accessories is way to go
  • Go with a light theme like Bright Pink and Lime Yellow wall, on the flip side you can go with Purple walls like yellow and pink accessories.


  • Blue Walls with contrasting Accessories like Orange is a great idea
  • Earthy colors are good to go so you can go with Browns, Blue and Greens. Use neutral colors like Khaki, Beige, nd Lavenders to balance everything.
  • A forest theme with Sunny Orange and Green paint with Tree wall decals is excellent.
  • Strip walls wallpapers are wonderful to go with a theme
  • Bright colors with Black Accessories are second to none.


Furniture, Bedding, and made-ups

Like any other component of bedroom remodeling, furniture, bedding, made-ups, and other accessories are also equally important. You can go with a matching theme, or you can select a contrast. With the different themes of furniture, bedding, and made-ups you can neutralize a room. For example, you can go with dark colors and bright accessories in a boy’s bedroom. On the other hand, if you select pinks as color theme, light orange and yellow accessories are good to compliment it.


Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas On Youtube

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Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas On Youtube

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