Clogged Sink Remedies: How to Repair Kitchen Sink at Home

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Kitchen sink passes through the difficult times when it gets clogged with the additional material in the drain. Home with a great number of people usually suffers from a blockage of sinks, toilets, and drains. Frequent use of these specific areas in a home can create trouble in the sanitary issues. The legit prevention of clogged sinks is a regular examination every twice a month. Here are few very straightforward and quick clogged sink remedies that can help you to unclog your kitchen sink with wasting money on plumbing services.

The Causes and Alarming Signs of a Clogged sink

The Causes and Alarming Signs of a Clogged sink

Causes could be several, but signs are few. The primary causes of clogged kitchen sinks are following.

Disposal of Food

It is the most critical and primary cause of clogging of a kitchen sink. When cooked food gets into the water, it breaks into pieces and spread like small particles and become trapped in the pipes and drains. These tiny particles have a tendency to stick to the pipes of drains where they become a cause of clogging. Make sure you throw every extra material in a separate plastic bag to avoid flowing down into the drain.

Paint and its Dried Crack Pieces

Paint are washables, but its particles stick to the pipes immediately which is hard to remove with raw water. If you are using an enamel paint material, don’t make it pass throw the sink as it causes problems due to its creamy base.


Spilling off boiled tea into the sink can cause a mind pounding disturbance in the kitchen. This issue is difficult to reach out, and ultimately you need to find some tools or call a plumber to fix massive tea spilling off in the sink. It is important to know if your drain pipes are made from iron steel or plastics. Metal steel possesses resistant textures while plastic has got a slippery base.

Heavy Rain and Storm

These catastrophes are nevertheless to be ignored. Heavy rains and storms attract many additional substances like plastic bags, stones, and other such irremovable particles into the drain pipelines. Throughout the wet season, drains will experience floods of water as a result of rain. Because drains aren’t designed to take the full impact of this weather, water build-up can be fairly common.

Fracture of Drain Pipes

Drain funnels can break because of tree roots and general wear and tear. When the pipe starts to break, it turns out to be more helpless to blockages than channels that are well in place. Unless you can unmistakably observe the broken pipe, it can be hard to analyze this issue.

Other Objects

From children’s toys to other foreign objects that can be effortlessly dropped down the drains are at risk to the square in the long run. Regardless of whether deliberately or accidentally, various materials shouldn’t be flushed down the latrine or washed down the drain thus.

What to do

Keep an eye on children’s activity while they are in the kitchen who may wash only anything down the sink. Make sure you remove food wrappers and waste legitimately, as opposed to attempting to wash down the drain, and be careful about anything that may have accidentally dropped in bringing about a blockage.

Straightforward and quick Clogged Sink Remedies at Home

Vinegar and baking soda magical drain opener

Well, this is the most authentic way to normalize the system of your kitchen, toilets and garden drain. This solution has got worth and used by millions of people to unclog their clogged drains.

White vinegar and baking soda followed by a table salt when mixed in hot water make a terribly fizzy liquid which you have to pour it down to the blocked drains. This solution requires an overnight stay in the drains so that it clarifies and flush off every undesired blockage in the drain.


This tool is iconic for removal of a clog in the drains. The plunger should be coupled along a rubber flange which provides the great assistance in unclogging the kitchen sink drains. This tool can be used by any adult at home without sparing extra bucks to the plumber. If you face such issues, then you must keep it in your toolbox.

• Completely cover the drain with your plunger.
• Press and pull rapidly for about 35 seconds.

Experiment with a Fizzy drink like Coca Cola

Popped up a can especially Coca-Cola, and Pepsi is extraordinary for beating a clog trouble. It’s preferable comparatively from the other drain openers on the market.

Get your hands on a room-temperature can or two-liter of Coke or Pepsi and dump it down your kitchen sink drain. Give it a chance to air pocket or bubble and work its destructive enchantment for almost two hours before you rinse it off with boiled water.

Why does this work? Pepsi is stacked with treats like phosphoric corrosive, which is more acidic than lemon juice!

How often you must Repair Kitchen Sink

How often you must Repair Kitchen Sink

Such equipment barely repair once installed, and the best phrase for this is

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

Yes, the drain pipes are invisible, and we can’t see them frequently unless they got into some trouble. Make sure you read carefully about the repairing and maintenance of drains in your home.

Repair and examine your home drainage system once a month and pull out the clogs if found any. For this purpose, pull over the rubber gloves covering till your elbow so that it won’t get hurt and keep your hands stain and mess free.

Although this problem is irritating and messy at the same time but is watchful for the preventions. Hope these clogged sink remedies will be very handy to help you unclogging your sink.

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