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Out of all the customizable accessories, lamps are the most convenient way of customizing a girl’s bedroom. Despite being small in size, these fixtures create a substantial impact on the theme you have set for your daughter’s bedroom.

Do you know why lamps have become a staple in the bedroom?

This is because lamps are associated with relaxation and diverting all your attention to the task at hand.
In the chaos of this busy life, where every day is a hustle, a bedroom is a place where your precious girl comes to rewind and relax at the end of the day. Unlike other furnishings, the addition of a perfect lamp to such a setting further accentuates the mood and theme of the bedroom. Your little girl will be elated when she lights up this fixture that is customized according to her taste!

Now let’s get to the basics.

How many types of lamps are there?

There are so many options of girls’ bedroom lamps available in the market, that it is easy to get confused about how a perfect lamp should be.
You should first decide what type of lamp you want for her bedroom.
There are 3 types of lamps:

  • Table lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Wall lamps

Table lamps

These are the most ideal option among girls’ bedroom lamps available today. Girl’s bedroom table lamps are mostly mid-sized and serve to enhance the ambiance of the room as well as improve the lighting near the bed.
You can choose these accent lamps to add a decorative touch to your girl’s bedroom or you can simply use them to focus on the reading book that your daughter loves to read before bed.
With the abundance of girl’s bedroom table lamps options available nowadays, you can even set a bedroom theme with these functional yet aesthetic light fixtures! What more can anyone want?

Things you should consider when buying table lamps

  • Look for the size of the lamp before reaching a final decision. A rule of thumb is that the ridges of the lampshade should reach the chin of your girl when she sits on her bed. You do not want to disturb her vision with an ill-positioned bedside lamp.
  • Girl’s bedroom table lamps should not be wider than the console or side table they are placed on. A proportionately sized lamp will look better in view.
  • If your little girl is very active or if a lot of people come over to your teenage girl’s bedroom, it is better to go for heavier lamps to avoid the risk of breakage.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps, as evident by the name, are placed on the floor of the room to provide focused light within a specific area.
With the limited space available nowadays in a modern home, it is quite common for kids’ bedrooms to have marginal space as well. We understand that most of the time, it’s quite impossible to place a girl’s bedroom table lamp within the setting.
This is where tall lamps for the girl’s bedroom come as a cheap alternative!
This option allows you to choose a light fixture without giving up on the idea as a whole.

Points to consider when choosing an ideal floor lamp

Remember: It’s ideal to place tall lamps for the girl’s bedroom in the corner of the space to reduce hazards. You do not want your little daughter to trip on these while playing in the room.

  • Always choose floor lamps that have versatile adjustment options such as control of the movement of the neck, etc.
  • Go for options that have a stable, wide base so that they remain steady at their place.
  • To get an ample amount of light that helps your girl in tasks such as reading, go for the same old method here: the ridge of the lampshade should not be above eye level when sitting in bed.
  • Steer clear of tacky console designs. You do not want your little one to trip on the tripod stand of a tall lamp.
  • Choose a position for the tall lamp so that it enhances the readability and communal experience of different people. You do not want the lamp to obstruct the view at any cost.

Note: the heavier the floor lamps, the better it is.

This ensures safety even in the case of an accident. You do not want the entire tall lamp setting in your girl’s bedroom to be dismantled by a stroke of arm or knee.

Wall lamps

Wall lampsLet’s assume you have no space whatsoever left on the floor of your girl’s bedroom to adjust a side table for a table lamp or even a floor lamp.
But does this mean that you will not be able to fulfill your little girl’s wish of having a lamp in her room?
No, not at all!
Wall lamps are just as common (and trending) as the other alternatives.
Hanging lamps for the girl’s bedroom are also a type of wall lamp that comes in a variety of designs and shapes.

What to look for when purchasing wall lamps

  • The size of the wall lamp should always be small
  • Having an adjustable shade and multiple joints is a plus! It will allow your daughter to focus the ambient light on the task. Moreover, this rotate and retract option gives you more space to move within the room
  • This option is mostly available in lamps for teen girls’ bedrooms. The sleek yet practical design is not very popular among pre-teens.
  • The height of this lamp should also not exceed eye level as you do not want to strain your precious girl’s eyes at all.
  • Hanging lamps for your girl’s bedroom should have light adjustment options so that it does not produce a glare at one spot.

Lampshades – the shape, texture, and safety concerns you ought to know

Lampshades are the key feature to consider when adding this decor to your room. Lampshades are not only functionally important, but these structures also play a key role in adding character and bringing about a cohesive look.


Since the aesthetic you choose for your girl’s bedroom is aesthetic, you can go for any shape of the lamp you want. Some of the most common designs of conventional lamps are:

  • Drum shade
  • Oval shade
  • Coolie shade
  • Bell shade

The advice of the day: Match the shape of the lampshade with the shape of the base of the lamp. It appears less eclectic this way.


Choosing a texture for a lampshade is a fun thing to do, you can go for the regular parchment paper or the over-the-top silk for your lampshade.
Note: Lamps come with an external and internal lining. If you want the light to appear brighter, go for the hard-backed shade. Soft-backed shades allow most of the light to pass through the walls.
The textures from which you can choose the lining of lampshades are:

  • Silk
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Parchment
  • Linen
  • Cotton

Our sincere advice: The color of the shades you choose matters too. If you are going for dark shades for girls’ bedroom lamps, less light will filter through. On the other hand, a light-colored shade of the same material will allow most of the ambient light to pass through it.

Safety concern:

This oft-overlooked feature can become detrimental especially when you are choosing a lamp for a girl’s bedroom. The incandescent bulbs placed within the lampshade produce heat.
So, to put it simply – the greater the amount of heat generated by a light bulb, the more ventilation it requires. Wider lampshades provide ample space for proper ventilation, while the contrary do not.

Additional features to look for!

There is a myriad of features that have been added to the conventional lamps (thanks to the advanced technology!) The ability to customize and add useful features to the lamp has become quite common for manufacturers. Some of these that might interest your daughter is:

  • Finials- this eclectic fixture allows direct screwing of the shade to the base
  • USB port- Such lamps allow your girls to charge their phones and laptops, thus increasing the functionality even more!
  • Double pull-up chains- This feature allows you to control the sockets and adds a vintage look to your teen girl’s bedroom lamp.
  • Dimmers- The most useful modification if all, dimmers will allow your precious girl to prevent her eyes from straining. She can use the maximum setting for reading and dim the light when it’s sleep time.
  • Storage- some tall lamps for the girl’s bedroom have a storage space at the base to put books and magazines in it.
  • Touch system- some lamps also offer touch systems to control the settings of the lamp.
  • Night light – you can now buy girl’s bedroom lamps with night lights to serve a dual purpose!
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