Carpet Cleaning Hacks

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Carpets are amongst the most used things in our homes. Their elegant appearance adds a lot to the beauty of the house. But they need to be properly cleaned for good appearance and performance. Here are best carpet cleaning hacks that will help you to keep your carpet clean and also improve their lifetime.

Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Carpet Cleaning Hacks

1.Remove Furniture Indentations or Holes with an Ice Cube

You have surely noticed while reorganizing your furniture that some of the indentations and holes are left behind in the rugs or carpets. You can bring carpet back to life and you can also get rid of such kind of holes and indentations. Just place a single piece of an ice cube in a hole or indentations and let it melt.

Remove Furniture Indentations or Holes with an Ice Cube

When the ice cube melts, use your fingers to brush the fibers of the carpet. Don’t use a scrub brush as it can be extremely harmful, damaging and abrasive for your carpet. When the carpet is totally dry, then vacuum and clean the dry area. So, no need to worry about changing the spot of the furniture. Make sure not to drag your furniture across the carpet as it may cause ripples.

2.Roll up Your Rug to Prevent Color Change

You should be aware of the fact that if you are using a hardwood flooring so it is constantly going through the color transformation. The natural wood floor’s color will continually be changed if it is constantly exposed to air pollutants, ultraviolet rays, traffic and direct sunlight. Wood floors with darker colors will not show the change of the color as compared to the lighter wood floors. But the change of colors will happen in both kinds of colored natural wood floors.

Roll up Your Rug to Prevent Color Change

The colors of the hardwood floor are prevented from sunlight, air and ultraviolet rays when rugs or carpets are used to cover the wood floor. After some time, the color of the wood around the rug will be changed and after removing the rug or carpet,  the wood’s color will be nearer to the original color of the wood.  Thus, when you are away from your home, you can remove the rugs from that area in order to minimize and decrease the effect, for instance when you are going on holidays.

Curtains and blinders of your room will remain open and you need to roll up the carpet or rug and place it away. In this way, air and light will reach that particular area of the wood floor and by this, the change of the wood color will be decreased and reduced. This idea will help you to keep your hardwood floor area evenly colored whenever you need to remove the rug completely or you want to change it.

3.Turn Your Carpet or Rug to Avoid Traffic Patterns

We mostly use the similar pathways to walk in our houses. For instance, most direct and the shortest path will be chosen by us to go from one point to another point and we normally use the hallway’s center to walk down. Thus, it is an obvious thing that there are some specific areas on our carpets or rugs on which we regularly and frequently walk and after some time we can easily see the signs of our footsteps.

Turn Your Carpet or Rug to Avoid Traffic Patterns

So, to avoid or reduce this thing, we need to spin our carpet around 180 degrees in every six months. You can also do the similar thing with the mattress. Rotating the carpet will help you to reduce and decrease your traffic paths across the carpet or rug.

4.Buy Extra Carpet for Your Stairs

Stairs are the basic point in all the homes with the highest traffic at all the times. Thus, it is obvious that the carpets on the stairs will age quickly than other area carpets and even you need to replace them. On the other hand, no one can guarantee that the new rug or carpet will last for at least five to ten years to match and resemble the remaining areas.

Turn Your Carpet or Rug to Avoid Traffic Patterns

Buy at least two rugs or carpets for your staircase and roll up. Reserve the second piece of rug or carpet in a dry and dark area. Buying another carpet for the stairs will not cost more as stairs cover less space and need a small length carpet. So, it will be easy to replace only the stair carpet if it became worn and damaged rather than replacing all the carpets in the home.

5. Sprinkle Baking Soda to Remove Odors

This tip is not new and many people be aware of it, but it needs to be mentioned as it is extremely effective. As it’s a common knowledge and we all know that odors or smells can be absorbed by baking soda.

So, whenever you want to remove the smells or odors (from cooking, pets, and smoke etc.) from your carpet, just sprinkle or scatter a specific amount of the baking soda on the whole carpet. Then leave the carpet or rug for few hours. To remove the baking soda and odors you need to just vacuum the carpet or rug thoroughly.

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