Air Conditioner not Blowing Cold Air- Causes and Solutions

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During the hot summer days, Air Conditioners are mostly used to serve as a relieving agent, getting a cool air for a fresh environment. In case air conditioner not blowing cold air, you should try to figure out the problem as soon as possible.Extreme heating conditions can make you feel dehydrated and can cause illness. One can get a heat stroke if the body temperature is not maintained properly. So maintain a cool temperature during summers and make you feel comfortable and healthy.

Air Conditioner not Blowing Cold Air

Common Air Conditioner parts need to be fixed when the Air conditioner not blowing cold air. It can be either due to lack of sufficient air flow, as the air is not re-circulated properly as in normal working air conditioner. Commonly asked a question by the home consumers is why their Air conditioner not blowing cold air, instead of giving inside warm air. First, you need to know the basic information about an AC unit and the functionality.

Reasons for Air Conditioner not Blowing Cold Air

There can be several possible reasons for the malfunctioning of the air conditioner. Especially during hot summer days when it reaches about 40ºC temperature.

MAIN Parts Malfunctioning

If the air-conditioner isn’t blowing cold air, there could be some fault in the condenser or the compressor (OUTSIDE UNIT). The condenser works as the main part for removing the heat from the air, blowing warm air outside and returning cool air back into the home. Maybe the return ducts are broken or disconnected and some unconditioned air can be pulled inside instead of cool air.

Same is the case in your cars, if the air-conditioning system goes wrong you get stuck in a miserable situation. Few things need to be fixed and some common issues can be solved if you know the reason behind this.

In cars the Air-conditioning system needs recharging, the refrigerant can be recharged on your own or you can get help from some certified mechanic. Make yourself comfortable by fixing this problem and getting cold air flow quickly.

Check the Leakage

There can be a leakage in the system. Freon chemical helps to cool the air, and it can cause the sensitive issue to the A/C systems. Proper volume of Freon in the system can help you retain the cold air condition back.

The problem can occur due to various conditions, there can be some electrical fault in the compressor circuit also. The malfunctioning parts need to be repaired or replaced on urgent basis.

The ventilation system inside the car called the ‘blend air door’ if not working properly can draw heat from the engine and blow it inside instead of cold air. So a qualified mechanic will do this job for you. The cold air can sometimes not blow properly as your A/C fan can stop working, so you may need a new fan unit to be replaced with the help of a car mechanic.

Other Issues related to A/C unit can occur, but usually, a regular maintenance can prevent you from severe issues and further inconvenience.

Common Reasons Why an Air Conditioner not Blowing Cold Air

Extreme heat conditions can make you feel low and uncomfortable; it can even result in health risks. In some situations, you can handle the A/C situation yourself. But sometimes you need a professionally trained mechanic for fixing the problem.

Common Reasons Why an Air Conditioner not Blowing Cold Air

Check your Thermostat

The first thing you can check is the thermostat settings. Set the thermostat under normal conditions to ‘Auto’ and this will allow blowing cool air.

Air Filter

The air filter needs to be disposed of waste with proper instructions. The dirt inside air will contaminate the air filter and can cause blockage, since resulting into weak air flow or inadequate supply of air. Replacing the filter can be a helpful trick in saving you from serious air conditioner air flow issues before time.


The condenser is located outside the home; it may be dirty or can resist the A/C from cooling inside your home. Remove any debris or dirt and see if the system works properly. A qualified technician can inspect the trouble being occurred during a normal routine, cleaning the main parts can prevent from problems.


There may be some leakage in the system, which if properly checked by a HVAC professional can work out better. Adding some refrigerant and repairing any leakage in the system can bring the A/C back to its normal capacity.

Why won’t AC blow cold air (Car system)?

Why won’t AC blow cold air (Car system)?

While turning on the AC in the car, one expects to have a fresh cool air. But it may not happen sometimes. Some serious problems can occur in the car AC which needs to be fixed earliest.

Warm air can blow inside the car instead of cool air. Some serious causes include:

  • Malfunctioning Condenser: The condenser is the main part of an air conditioning system. If due to some reason it gets blocked with some dirt or debris, cool air can’t blow inside the car.
  • Low Refrigerant: The car AC cannot operate efficiently with a low refrigerant. It is actually most common problem for an AC not blowing cold air. It can be due to leakage and faulty parts in the system.
  • Air compressor: If there is bad clutch with failed cycling switch, then electromagnetic clutch on the air compressor won’t work out, the refrigerant will not get pressurized and the system will not work.

The AC needs to be service immediately with the help of a mechanic for HVAC (Heating, ventilation and Air conditioning work).You should know the basics while operating an AC system and be must able to utilize the methods to cool your home.

Make a smart maintenance of your AC and check out how fine it will work then! Make yourself feel pleasant inside your home or workplace and get the cold air blowing inside with perfect results.

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