5 Quick Ways to Unblock Slow Draining Toilet

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Hurdles and obstructions are the causes of clogging of a toilet and slow draining toilet. The blockage of a drain is not more than frustration and mess simultaneously. We often try hard to fix this mind pounding issue at home without calling for a plumber, make sure if you know how to handle screws and bolts?

slow draining toilet

You might have attempted drain cleaners and are practically sure there is an issue with the toilet. You may surmise that you require another one. Despite the fact that you frequently clean your latrine, you could have an issue with mineral buildup. Aggregation can bring about a moderate flushing toilet. If your toilet water tank’s parts got rusted and needed a repair, then consider fixing them.
If you are new to this and don’t know how to resolve this problem, we have some tips and tricks to make it work again.

5 Easy ways to Unblock Slow Draining Toilet

First, figure out the problem

First, figure out the problem

Consider what is creating trouble in your toilet. You need to push the drain button twice or thrice to know exactly the reason behind this issue. You do not need to go systematic at once, see if you can fix it by yourself or not. There are home remedies for everything who cannot afford a plumber or a handyman.

Use a plunger

This is a must have a tool in your home for instant unclogging of the toilet. You have to spend extra bucks to buy a high-quality plunger comprises a rubber flange sealed tightly. A quality plunger will work for a longer period rather than invest on some local plunger which loses it life after a use of two or three times.

Use a plunger

Plunger forms a great deal and always proved the best tool to unclog the toilet. If you have a plunger and don’t know how to function it, here’s a guide you may follow to unblock slow draining toilet with the help of a plunger.

1.The plunger must fit the size of wasting bowl of a toilet.

2.If there is a blockage of particles and other small waste, then this tool will work at its best. Sluggish flushing is caused by partial waste and clogging.

3.Insert the plunger into the waste bowl, make it little deeper, so it touches the throat of a bowl. Put your effort and then pull it out it with pressure. Make sure you wear extra unfavorable clothes while performing this process. Repeat this step twice and thrice.

4.Make a plunger stay there for a while and then after a little while pulling off this tool from the toilet bowl. Now push the flush knob and see whether if the blockage is clear and water flows quickly or not. Repeat if required.

Use your arm and have rubber gloves

Unavailability of a plunger? You can use your hand while putting on strong rubber gloves. These gloves should cover till elbow so that your arm will not get messy.

Use your arm and have rubber gloves

1.Wear thick rubber gloves before you perform this operation.

2.Now insert your arm into the bowl and move it further, so your arm touches the pipe. Now feel if there’s any obstruction in the drain. Pull out any substance from the bowl with the help of your hand.

Use a drain opener

If above methodologies did not work, use a drain opener and let it stay overnight. Once you pour a drain opener in the toilet bowl make sure you do not let extra water flow in the toilet.

Buy a synthetic or chemical drain opener with enzyme ingredient. They are accessible at every superstore, look for quality. Use this technique just if all else fails. The chemicals utilized as a part of drain opener or cleaners are harmful to individuals and pets, destructive to channels. Additionally, chlorinated drain releases are exceptionally harming the environment.

If you presume that there is a hard clog substance inside your toilet, don’t use a synthetic drain opener rather, use a plumbing snake or call a handyman.

Make sure you ask from a storekeeper about a drain opener because chemicals that are mainly made for toilets are worth using. Using another local no- recommended openers will leave your toilet destroyed.

Empty the predefined sum into the toilet bowl. Make sure you take after the maker’s guidelines. Hold the cover down to keep the toxic exhaust from filling your bathroom.

Never use a plunger directly in the wake of including the drain cleaning chemicals. The chemicals could shoot go down onto your skin.

Ensure the toilet is all around ventilated, so you will not breathe in the chemicals.

Toilet auger

This is a substitute of a plunger. If a plunger does not work, you can use toilet auger or also known as ‘drain snake’ in the market. This tool is easily available on the racks from any superstore.

How to use Toilet Auger

1.Bring in toilet auger and read it is manual. Use plastic or rubber covered wire attached to the hose. You need to fix all parts of this tool to function properly. Set all the screws and bolts.

2.Start inserting toilet auger into the toilet bowl so that wire disappears and start cranking the handle to sabotage any obstruction in the drain.

3.You need to use both hands, one to grab the tool and other to screw the hose to push the wire deeper to remove the drain from any clog.

4.Don’t forget to wear gloves.

5.By doing this process, you will either end up in an accomplishment or disappointment.

Make sure you got strong nerves to hold on this operation.

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