Rustic Wood Furniture- Types Of Rustic Wood Furniture

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Rustic wood furniture is a type of classy furniture made by hand to add grandeur charm to your home. The furniture is best known for its reliability, long-term usage and above, the rustic wood. History of rustic wood furniture can be traced back to 19th century when the furniture became popular as a pure natural extension of the Arts and Crafts movement and various folk traditions too. Wooden rustic furniture is popular for its incorporation of unprocessed logs and twigs of lumber.

Remember, rustic wood furniture doesn’t mean unpolished furniture only in-fact, it is created artistically to promote harmony between natural elements and polished or more ornate components. The term rustic furniture indicates to the furniture manufactured using this style.

Natural wood is primarily used as a base for such type of furniture. The most common types used to create a rustic look are maple, oak, aspen and pine and also for fencing and wood paneling Western Red Cedar and Northern White Cedar are commonly used too.

A piece of rustic furniture made from pine can add an exquisite charm to your home that can’t be found with many other wood types. Pine not only has that dark wood type of look and feel, but it also has that pine scent that you can never find in other woods.

Pine is one of the prime softwoods used for rustic furniture, so it requires some extra care to keep it looking original for a lifetime. If you’re choosing pine, make sure that you can keep it away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Be careful as when pine is exposed to heat it can crack. For example, for pine dining tables you’ll need to make sure placing mats before serving hot foods.

Regular maintenance is significant for rustic wood furniture to keep it shiny. Sanding along the grain using a paper with fine grit can be done from time to time to remove old wax and the new one. If the wood ever gets dented, you can try pouring hot water over the dent and then dry up the water with a soft cloth. It usually flattens the dent back out.


Aspen creates beautiful rustic furniture and is popular for its soft white color. This wood is normally used to create wine racks, mirror frames, candle holders, picture frames and to act as a secondary wood in larger furniture pieces. It is softwood, so it’s not as durable as some of the harder woods, but its color and beauty are undeniable.

Rustic oak furniture

If you’re looking to add natural warmth and comfort to your home and love the look of oak, you’ll definitely pick rustic oak furniture. Every piece of oak that is used has its own definition of lines, knots, twists and turns. Two pieces of furniture are never same in such type of furniture. This type of oak furniture is natural and brings out the best of the wood every time.

Oak has an appealing warm look for its unique appearance. It works perfectly in every room including the office. Oak is a highly durable wood and can withstand a lot of bumps and bruises without getting any damage. It ages well over time and through the years can develop its own special character. There aren’t too many other wood types that can compare with the strength and versatility found in oak. Rustic furniture made with oak brings beauty and versatility into any setting.

Western Red Cedar

This wood has a wonderful red color and is perfect for making rustic furniture. It is often used for Adirondack chairs and some other garden and patio furniture. Of all the softwoods, this cedar will last the longest and effectively adds the most rustic red charm flavoring to furniture.

Northern White Cedar

This wood is grown in the northeastern part of the United States and Southern Canada. It is very light wood with a creamy white color that naturally weathers to a silvery gray without proper maintenance. It has a beautiful aroma and is often used to construct a bedroom, living and dining room furniture. The best thing about this wood is it resists infestations from insects and decay.

Why Rustic Furniture

Selecting rustic furniture totally depends on your own personal style preferences. Remember that wood deformities can actually be enhancing the appearance of the furniture piece and can give it character. With rustic wood furniture, you don’t need to find something that is perfect and looks like it has been manufactured in a factory. You want something that looks original for decades and lasts for many years.

The beauty of rustic wood furniture is something that will never go out of style for years. It can easily fit each type of decor. With rustic wood furniture, you can create a country style of home that is warm and inviting for both family and friends.

Some Rustic Wood Furniture Ideas

Dining room benches and tables

A prominent rustic table creates a striking centerpiece in your dining room. It is also an idea way add trendy urban farmhouse appearance to the room.

Beds, armoires, and dressers

Highly reliable rustic wood furniture is a perfect pick for children bedrooms. It can also create a character in a guest bedroom or vacation home.

Rockers and gliders

Classic rocking chair of rustic wood furniture is my favorite to relax after a hectic routine. A hardwood rocking chair can pass down through the family for years to come.

Couches, Coffee Tables and Book Cases

Warm welcoming rustic wood furniture is fabulous in the living room, den or any space where you love to spend time with family and friends.


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