Metal Wall Art- New Generation’s Interior Design

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Metal Wall Art

Wall decoration adds life to your wall. Metal wall art is one of the famous wall decoration ideas to enhance the beauty of your walls. There are numerous ways to decorate the walls. However, it is quite difficult to choose the right one for your home. The wall art you want makes a statement and reflects the beauty of your home. The style and decoration of your home speak about your taste and personality. Metal wall art is becoming extremely popular these days. The artistically designed metal artwork on your walls not only beautifies your home but also draws the attention and creates a lasting impression.

History of Metal Wall Art

There is a very interesting history of metal wall art. Metal wall art became famous and common during medieval times. Metal art was used in castles to add design and accent inside. Well designed shields, armor to the chainmail and helmets of the famous knights were mostly used as metal art. The walls of the castle were also decorated with weapons of the defeated enemies as a sign of success, pride, and inspiration to the soldiers serving inside the castle.

A pair of swords and a shield was the most modern metal art at those times and can also be found nowadays. The real era of metal artwork started when the blacksmiths at that time made creative metal art pieces at their spare time. With the passage o time, metal wall art became widespread and common too. Now it is used as one of the most famous and efficient home decoration tools.

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Photo credits Flickr

Metal wall art creations

Old iron designs are attractive European ironwork that was widespread in architecture and metal wall decorations. The shape and the surfaces of these metal art pieces were very elegant with ornamental pallets of steel. These kinds of metal wall arts are still being created today such as standalone wall art and mirror frames. A simply decorated iron grille can add a beautiful look to your wall.

Nowadays, with the help of new paint finishes, the colors of these metal wall creations are more appealing and vibrant. In modern styles, geometric abstract form blends reasonably with the fantastic color schemes. Modern artisans use a single sheet of sheet metal and cut them in various sizes and shapes, then focuses their attention on the surface detail. The Proper mixture of color techniques and patina can project an astonishing image.

Modern Metal wall arts

There are different kinds of metal wall arts through which you can decorate your wall according to your taste. We will try to help you in choosing the right metal wall art with useful tips and ideas. Some of the most modern metal wall art are below.

Large Metal Wall Art

Large metal wall art is a unique form of wall decoration. This kind of metal wall is so trendy and class that it can be used for home and also for business. A variety of color is almost unlimited to a fabulous metal wall art. It is available in silver, bronze, antique finishes and gold tones. Large metal wall hangings will embellish your family room, Victorian living room, workplace and even library.

More fashionable decorator uses large metal wall hangings in a pleasant manner to bring the outdoors in and the indoors out. Wrought iron is associated with exterior gates and garden fences. In another way, a vibrantly painted piece of metal wall art can add a unique and classic look to your living bedroom, family room or outdoor kitchen. Proper use of large metal wall art can change the look of your home.

Tree Metal Wall Art

Tree metal wall art is a particular type of metal art that is narrow in scope, but large in impact. Tree metal wall art is perfect for those peoples who care about filling their home with beautiful pieces. Such type of wall art is ideal for any part of the home because of the dimension and textures it offers.

Such type of wall art is quite different from other wall sculptures. This type of techniques does not go out of style either because they are not faddish. Tree metal art has great ability to blend with all décor. Because it is made from a flat steel panel and nature theme can go with any décor as it is refresh metaphor that people always connect with.

Few More Famous Metal Wall Arts

3D Wall Art

You can find some of the most exciting pieces in this form of art. It is not like other pieces of art, in 3D wall art metal can be steered in any way. Thus creates a very cool effect that is very hard to find anywhere else.

Themed Wall Art

Many people like to choose their favorite themes for their homes. It may be the country, tropical or may be a contemporary fashion; all depends on your taste. Most of these pieces of art are drawn on the metal while others are more complicated recreations to match specific themes.

Outdoor Wall Art

Some nature elements like rain and wind can quickly destroy any art outside the home. Outdoor metal wall art is perfect for outdoors because of their durability and water resistant ability. Outdoor metal art seems high on front doors to set the tone for the entire look of the home.

Separate Pieces Art

In this type of metal wall art, several pieces are spread out on the wall to create a particular look. This kind of wall art is unique and is less common too, but they can create a very attractive effect.


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