Baby Room Decals- Everything Explained

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Baby Room Decals

In your home, baby room is often the object which needs to be repeatedly transformed because as the kids grow up, their preferences change. They evolve over time, so you have to also. How many of you do the needful to transform their room according to their current phase? I think more you have an attachment with the kid, more you know about the needs, so the majority of parents do the right things at the right time. Ever you thought that how much you are spending on the room decoration of your kids and how often you spend?

I spend lots of money my son’s room because I always wish the best stuff for him that should go with his mood. Not a long time ago, I was spending too much in his room. I was painting his room ever often, and then painting his favorite characters. To change them, I often need to repaint all the room. A friend of mine, then recommends me using the wall decals. At first, I ignored, but later when I came to know about the ease of change and reusability of them; I became a fan of kid’s wall decals. Since then, I renovate his room too often according to his mood, and it is a fun thing to do that all of my family do together. Kids room decals are great in the sense that you can allow your child to apply them along with you because they are readjusted able, if they do it wrong, you can correct them in the right order and right place.

Why Do We Should Use Baby Room Decals?

As stated above wall decals are easy to use, and they are not going to cost you a fortune. You can find them easily in local home accessory store, or the internet is full of them. There are virtually all types of kids wall decals available. Due to the nature of the usage, it is needed to manufacture every character in a wall decal series. Children become fans of their character as soon as they saw the movie, or a friend told them about it. Our great media often portrays these characters, in a way, that our kids now can’t live without them. It’s why we should use kids wall decals instead of permanent paints. Your child is the fan of Doraemon, Go with the theme and furnish his room. In a few months, he’ll be the biggest fan of Transformers, go with that theme and transform his room. Similarly, Baby Girls often want their room like hello kitty, and later the princess and a frog, whatever she wants.

Photo Credits Flickr
Photo Credits Flickr

How Baby Room Decals Can be Creative

I often allow my son to draw his room on paper and elaborate where he wants what. This creative activity makes a bond between parent – Kid relation, and it allows your child to be more creative. It builds a level of trust in your child, and he expresses his freedom on a different occasion. Sometimes, he chooses the right stuff with the theme and the other time we correct him to do it in a specific way. I always enjoy the wall decal activity in my home because there is some happiness in it. After the initial drawings, we should allow our kids to take part in the physical activity, they might do it wrong but as we can correct them, let them do their part of the work. Later you can adjust everything that has been done wrong.

Types of Baby Room Decals Available

I mentioned above that there are virtually all types of kids room decals available. You can find them in your local home accessory store or if you are not able to find them, browse the internet. Sites like Amazon and eBay are full of such stuff. These wall decals are available in every size; you can find them as little as you want, or you can go with the larger ones. The majority of these wall decals come in a group, and they form a theme in the kid’s room.

It is a common perception which is wrong that the wall decals can only be applied to the walls. You can apply wall decals everywhere; they only need a smooth and plain surface. It can be a bedside, or you can paste them on a wardrobe. As they are moveable, you can move them anywhere in the room following the rule that the surface should not be rough and tough.

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