How to Clean Wooden Doors

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Cleaning wooden doors in your home might not be included in your regular housework routine. But cleaning the wooden doors in house is really a great idea. Bottom of the door and the zones around the handle are that part of the wooden doors which are mostly used. Scuff marks are basically created from shoes at the bottom of the door. In order to clean the scuff marks, greasy and oily fingerprints at times, you need to take a solvent. But make sure that finish of the door should not be damaged. All you need is just a weak soap solution and for the tough stains, you can use the mineral spirits. Here are three simple ways on how to clean wooden doors.

How to Clean Wooden Doors

How to Clean Wooden Doors with Dish Soap

Material Required

  • Dish soap
  • Cloths
  • Liquid furniture polish
  • Mineral spirits
  • Clean paintbrush

How to Clean Wooden Doors with Dish Soap

Stage 1

Open the door completly and take a damp cloth to clean the top edge of the door. Use same cloth along the side edge of the wooden door. If all the stains and grime are not removed with the cloth, you need to repeat the same process with the help of a cleaning solution. The cleaning solution consists of 1-ounce dish soap with one gallon of warm water.

Stage 2

Cleanse the dust from the molding and trim on both side of doors using a clean paintbrush. This paint brush spreads and ranges into the cracks. It is better as compared to a rag or a feather duster. Then, take a dry cloth and wipe out the surfaces.

Stage 3

At this stage, with the help of the prepared dish soap solution, you need to wipe out all the around and near the handle of the wooden door. Scuff marks will also be removed from the door’s bottom by using the same dish soap solution. The areas that you actually cleaned with the rag, you need to go over them to dry.

Step 4

All the stubborn stains and marks will be removed from round the handle of the wooden door. Use mineral spirits to moist and damp the cloth that will be used to rub all the stains on the door.

Step 5

After cleaning the wooden door, use liquid furniture polish to wipe and rub the door, particularly if mineral spirits are used. The shine and gloss of the wooden door might get dull by using mineral spirits, but using the liquid furniture polish will reinstate it.

How to Clean Wooden Doors with Dry and Moist Cloth

How to Clean Wooden Doors with Dry and Moist Cloth

Things Required

  • Soft dry cloth
  • Furniture polish
  • Moist cloth

First Step

For the purpose of general maintenance and care, you need to take a soft, dry cloth in order to wipe polished and varnished wood to remove dust.

Second Step

Take a moist cloth to remove the hard and the sticky spots on the wooden doors. Immediately wipe the door with the dry cloth. Dont use wet clothes for long time period. Sometimes the paint and glaze of the areor is not water-resistant, thus, it absorbs all the water if the wet cloth is used for lont time period. It can seriously damage the finishing of the door.

Third Step

In order to reinstate the shine and gloss of the wooden , oor you need to put on the furniture polish with the solvent base with the help of the soft dry cloth.

How to Clean Wooden Doors- The Simple Way

How to Clean Wooden Doors- The Simple Way

Step 1

Remove all the dust from the top of the wooden doors. Soft rag works best as compared to a feather duster.

Step 2

You need to wipe out from the frame of the wooden door and to all over the place with the help of a rag or a feather duster.

Step 3

Using oil soap along with a soft rag, the full surface of a polished and varnished wooden door can be wiped out. Make sure that, to wipe out the door in the direction and the way of the grain.

Step 4

In order to dry the surface and to remove all the excess, you need to buff the door.

Step 5

Use sponge or scrubber for the painted wooden doors, in order to put on the home-based or commercial multipurpose cleaner. Use soft, clean cloth or rag wipe it dry.

Step 6

Use multipurpose cleaner to clean handle or the door knobs. Remove the dirt and grime, you need to wipe it well and after that dry it.

Step 6
Step 7

If there are brass fixtures on the door, you have to use the commercial brass cleaner or homemade brass cleaner.

Step 8

If a glass or a window inserts in you wooden door, then, a glass cleaner should be used in both insides and outside to make it shiny and glossy.

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