How to Clean Wood Furniture with Vinegar and Oil

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How to Clean Wood Furniture with Vinegar and Oil?

You have invested in large and beautiful wooden furniture, but consequently, that furniture set is getting dull and darken day by day due to dirt and dust. But you neither want to spoil up your whole investment nor do you want to buy new furniture and so now you are getting worried. How to make this wooden furniture set new again without investing a huge amount in that? Here are various effective methods on how to clean wood furniture with vinegar and oil.

So, here’s the easiest and economical way to solve out your query. This will not only help to make your furniture look new, but it will also extend the life of your favorite furniture set. It’s a very simple, safe and environmentally friendly approach; you can all do this only with the help of vinegar and oil. Isn’t interesting? As vinegar is also known as the cleaning agent, so before using it on the wooden part just try it on the little part which is not so visible as to know the result. If you do not notice any damage or discoloration to the furniture, then it means it is safe to use the vinegar. For valuable and antique pieces you may want to consult the Professional for proper cleaning of the part.

Below are the different ways with the appropriate description on how to clean wood furniture with vinegar and oil.

How to Clean Wood Furniture with Vinegar and Oil- METHOD 1

Cleaning of Wooden Surface with the Help of Vinegar

Vinegar is not only money saving but it is a fantastic natural way to clean the household items, and it’s an eco-friendly product. So, below are some easy steps to clean up the wooden surface with the help of vinegar and to make your old, dirty wooden surface to look new and more beautiful just like new one!

Cleaning of Wooden Surface with the Help of Vinegar



Cleaning materials

Just gather all the materials which will be useful in cleaning the wooden surface which includes small pieces of cloth, a bucket full of water, vacuum cleaner and of course vinegar.


Remove all the stuff

If you’ve kept the showpiece or any other stuff such as pillows, cushions, lamps on the wooden furniture, remove them all, if something is attached then unfix it so that you can easily start-up your work. Make sure before starting that you have removed everything from the piece that needs to be cleaned.



Clean up the dust

Clean the dust from the wooden furniture which you want to make it new with the help of vacuum cleaner and a cloth. Remove all the dust from it. If space is not easily accessible, then you can also use the piece of cloth, moisten it and use it gently and smoothly for removing dust but make sure dust is removed correctly from the furniture.


Start-up with the vinegar

Take half cup of white vinegar and a half bucket of warm water and mix it well. If the surface is larger than double the quantity of both vinegar and water. After mixing it well, you can use spray bottled and fill in the mixture in that bottle and use it on the small piece of cloth, or you can use a soft piece of cloth dip it in the mixture, squeeze it properly and can use on the wooden surface. Then clean it in a circular motion with the help of the wet cloth. But make sure and be careful of excess water as it can result in damage. Continue the process until the entire piece has been cleaned and if the piece of cloth becomes dirty rinse it out or take a new piece of cloth.

Caution: Don’t use the dirty cloth again and again it will ruin the whole process as well as your toil.


Remove moisture

Now, after the process just take a clean piece of cloth rub it gently in a circular motion to get a shiny surface. Try to remove the water from the furniture as much as possible. If you do not get the desired result i.e. the shiny surface, don’t get sad just repeat the fourth step again. However, don’t forget to clean up the moisture from the wooden furniture. Otherwise, the case will be all different.


Following are the advantages of using vinegar for cleaning the furniture:

  • The first and foremost advantage is that the Vinegar is cheap and it is readily available at homes. You do not have to pay real money to buy branded cleaning products if you have such handy materials already with you.
  • Secondly, Vinegar is, of course, safe while many cleaning products are not. They have chemicals which can cause problems when breathing in and could be harmful to eyes.
  • Last but not the least, this method is straightforward and efficient.


Not just this, there’s another simple and easiest way through which we can clean and as well as polish the surface that is, with the help of vinegar and oil. As vinegar is just the cleaning agent but oil contributes to polish the furniture and make it look more beautiful and shiny. So, the question arises how to use it together? It is just simple!

Cleaning of Wooden Surface with the Help of Vinegar and Oil

To make wooden furniture polish at home, follow the below given steps, but make sure you first apply it on the small part which is not visible as to see the result.

Cleaning of Wooden Surface with the Help of Vinegar and Oil


  • Olive oil
  • White vinegar


1)Take 1 cup of olive oil.
2)¼ cup of vinegar.
3)Mix it well, before using.

How to use?

1) Spray it onto the soft cloth.

2) Then, apply it onto the wooden surface with the help of small piece of cloth

3) Then wipe dry.

Caution: Don’t spray the mixture of vinegar and oil directly onto the wooden surface it will cause damage.


Following are the benefits of using vinegar and oil to enhance the beauty of your furniture:

  • It is cheaper than store bought cleaners and is safe to use around kids and pets.
  • Vinegar and oil not only help to clean and polish the wooden furniture but it also contributes to fix the scratches on the wooden surface.
  • Vinegar and oil results in an effective polish and can be stored for a longer time, and it is entirely harmless.

Some more information about Wooden Furniture

Furniture and wood stuff are part of our everyday lives. Some are useful, such as a chair at the dining table and others are aesthetic, such as an antique statue or models and still others may have an emotional or symbolic importance as mementos, such as a chest that has been in the family for years. Whatever their nature or purpose are, if they are important to us they deserve the best care and importance in our lives, and we should provide best to them. Always invest in

Always invest in high-quality wood furniture. Good quality wood furniture always has a long life and remain with us for years and years. If you want to keep your wood furniture long life, cares them and dust it regularly. Dust in gentle oval motions going with the grain of the wood. Always dust your wood furniture with soft and lint-free cotton cloth. Avoid rough or irritating materials of fabrics to clean your furniture.

During moving furniture at home offices, hotels and other places, do it very gently to avoid damaging. Always use lifts instead use stair to move, it will save your wood furniture to crack. Always move wood furniture when it became compulsory to move, otherwise avoid moving. Do read guidelines when you are moving your wood furniture.

If the wood furniture minor mishap occurs, most can be adjusted or minimized with the proper products. In the market water mark and tint, remover products are easily available to help reduce or remove damage when it occurs. Always give your time to clean your valuable wood furniture.

Some more information about Wooden Furniture


Some reasons contribute to damage to your furniture. The most common are neglect in caring for the Furniture.

Wood collects dust and grease from the environment. It has a tendency to lose its shine because of wear, and if it would not be regularly cleaned and polished, then it has a tendency to absorb oil and water and thus can easily get stained.

Dusting, Cleaning, Polishing of the wooden furniture is essential to maintain its shine and to prevent it from the damage.

The furniture also needs to be adequately covered to protect it from moisture, humidity, light that could result in the destruction of wooden furniture.


Furniture requires special care to remain intact and elegant. Here are the tips which you can follow:

  • Dusting the furniture daily or 2 to 3 times in a week is beneficial. It will ensure that the furniture does not accumulate dust and remains clean. Dusting will restore the furniture appearance and shine.
  • Protect the wood from water and other liquids such as alcohol as it can leave a stain on the furniture which spoils your furniture beauty.
  • Keep your furniture out of the sun or at least try to minimize exposure as UV light is very dangerous and it can destroy and shrink the wood, which will cause cracks.

So, therefore:

  1. 1.Don’t leave the furniture outside.
  2. 2.Don’t place the furniture near a window where it may be exposed to sunlight.
  3. Polish your wooden furniture each year to maintain its luster and to protect the surface from moisture and dust.
  4. You must not use soap and water on a regular basis as it can stain and damage the wood.


The two methods described above i.e. vinegar and vinegar with oil, are the easiest, simplest and under budget, a technique to make your wooden furniture clean and polish. It can be done easily at home and gives the same result as chemical polish. Just try this, and you will notice the great change. It will give a new look to your furniture and will increase the beauty of your home too.



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