Throw Pillows-Different Types and Uses

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Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are most attractive home decorative items nowadays. Due to their affordable price and stylish appearance they are being used in every home. Throw pillows are not just for creating comfort but comforts with distinctive style. You can find these pillows commonly around each supermarket. Pillows play a vital role in reviving a room’s interior design. They can rapidly highlight the furniture of the chamber. The best thing about them is that they are inexpensive and can easily be changed by altering their covers. They mean more to a room than just simple, comfortable cushions. Using a pillow properly is an art, and in a modern age, creative decorators are using it in the best possible way.

Accent pillows are available in various shapes and sizes. One can find small, large and medium-sized pillows in all decor stores. Artists have modified the traditional square shaped pillows into a triangle, circle, cylindrical and also unique shaped pillows available in abundance. People also concern about the type of pillow beside size and shape. It is just because to know about the connection with the home design. Different types of pillows are used in a variety of ways, and one must have to know to avoid the conflicts in design. Remember all that glitters at a store will not look good at your home, so you must have the proper knowledge to avoid your look farcically.

It depends on your need whether you choose soft pillow or firm one, different types of pillows are filled according to your needs. There are decorative pillows, neck pillows, orthopedic pillows, reading pillows; pregnancy pillows, etc., depending on the requirements of the user. Besides from the traditional pillows, here are some new types and major classes of throw pillows that are available in the market.

Silk Throw Pillows

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These are square fancy throw pillows. Made from silk fabric, they are very soft, smooth and perfect for highlighting heavy furniture and designs. They are available in various colors and shades. Most costumers choose plain colored silk pillows to embellish its beauty and appeal. Silk pillow covers are becoming popular and are affordable to day by day. Cotton silk pillows are a blend of cotton and silk. They provide vibrant and soft touch feel due to their fabric and manufacture. China silk pillows are also known as Habotai silk pillows. This pillow is not durable as cotton silk pillow because of its thin material. China silk is more expensive than cotton silk, but they can provide extra comfort and style. The best thing about silk pillows is that they can be used anywhere in the home on the sofa, window seat, bedroom, living room.

Needle Point Throw Pillows

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Needlepoint is embroidery that covers the entire canvas rather than just the top or background. It is a most attractive decorative pillow. They are entirely handmade pillows from beginning to the end. Machines are replacing hands, so pure needlepoint pillows are hard to find. They are firm and stylish pillows with high durability.

Hooked Occasional Throw Pillows

The word occasion indicates that these pillows are used on special occasions like Birthday, re-union, engagements and all other events. They are pinned on walls according to the occasional theme on walls to create a temporary interior design and can be removed after the ceremony. Using these pillows is a smart idea because they are economical, durable and can easily be changed with the theme.

Embroidered Throw Pillows

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Embroidered pillows are loved because of their pattern and design. They are much more durable than plainly printed throw pillows. Crewel and cross stitch are modern tow styles of embroidered pillows. This pillow creates luxurious appearance with heavy furniture. Wool, silk, and cotton materials are mostly used for embroidery on such pillows.

Custom and Other Throw Pillows

Usually, a custom-made throw pillow set includes two or more pillows. Custom made pillows are the greatest choice amongst all throw pillows for your exact needs. Metallic pillows are combined with dupioni silks which are rich in texture. Metallic throw pillow creates a clean look and is so versatile that can be used in as a decorative of art in almost every room. Lumbar or rectangular throws are rectangular in shape and are famous because of the versatility.

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Photo credit Flickr

With the help of different throw pillows, you can decorate your home according to the season. You can turn your home into a dreamland quickly with the aid of throw pillows and accessories available in the market. Be creative and daring in decorating your home. Combine different fabrics as most interior professional designers do.

Do not forget that different types of throw pillows are used for specific needs and wants. Throw pillow not only provides you comfort but also add a new look to the room. They do not need lots of money but with less expense and a minor struggle can help in the decoration your home with throw pillows.

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