Wall Mirror Home Decor – How to Use Different Types at Different Places

The home is made up of walls, and often time these walls need as much attention as any other part of the house. Wall Mirror is handy in the scenario, and we can decorate walls with wall mirrors. People often decorate their homes with wallpapers, wall decals, sceneries, and paintings, but mirrors have their importance. Wall mirrors are used to show small homes bigger, or they can be used to enlighten the darker areas of homes. There are many ways with which someone can décor their homes with wall mirrors.

Wall mirror comes with many styles and types, and we can use such types at different places and different styles. We can use them in hallways or bathrooms. Wall mirrors can be used in bedrooms or dining areas. You can create different effects with them, or you can brighten the darker areas. Let’s have a look at how can you use wall mirrors in your home.

Photo credits flickr

Photo credits Flickr

Bathroom wall mirror

No bathroom is completed without a mirror. Like any other bathroom accessory, Bathroom wall mirror is a necessity. It is evident and obvious that one can’t have a bathroom without a mirror; the question is what type, style, and purpose of a bathroom mirror are needed? Everyone has its choices and feelings about the shape and look of the bathroom. Some like it very stylish, and others prefer the simplicity. Bathroom Wall Mirrors fit for both, but you need to take some measures before having a bathroom mirror regardless of the type.

There can be many styles and types of bathroom wall mirror, but one thing you should keep in mind is the size of a mirror. There is one rule that is very common, and it is the width of a mirror. It should not be less than 2/3rd of the size of the piece of the furniture below it. 2nd is that it should not exceed the size of the furniture below it. It is a standard principle and proportion.

The style is the 2nd important aspect, and you can do so much research on this because it is going to give a look and finish to your bathroom.

Photo Credits Flickr

Photo Credits Flickr

Due to internet access all around the globe people everywhere can use it for the research purposes. You can search through some favorite websites about different styles and designs of free mirror stuff. More specifically you can search image sites like Flickr to see the design implementation done by others. Local libraries and home décor magazines are full of such information, so you need to research well before you go with a particular style.

Your next quest for bathroom wall mirror is the type of the mirror. There are many kinds that you can work with, but I can identify in three. One is an adjustable type of mirrors. This type is the modern one, and you can even fold them back to save the space. They are suitable for managing the space in small bathrooms. This type is some inspiration from the LED wall mounts. 2nd type is fixed type mirrors.

They are often used in bathrooms, and mostly builders include them in the plan of the construction. These are being fixed to the wall with glue or some other available stuff. 3rd type is hanging mirrors. These are just hung like picture frames, and you can apply different frame designs to make them more attractive and go with the current theme of the bathroom. In one of this kind, you can store your necessary stuff like shaving kit or makeup kit.

What other types of wall mirrors are available?

According to need and desire mentioned above, there are many types of wall mirrors are available. It changes from personality to personality and the circumstances that what kind of wall mirror is appropriate. To give you an overview lets have a look on few of them.

Frameless wall mirror

When thinking about vintage mirror wall, frameless wall mirrors come into the mind. They are very simple decorations that can convert a plain boring wall into excellent place in the home. Frameless wall mirrors are vintage and last forever type of wall mirrors that can fit everywhere in the home. You can put them in the living room because we often have a random space there. You can avail that space and can put 4 or 5 pieces of small frameless wall mirrors there with a little effort. The place above your bathtub in the bathroom is an ideal place to put a series of these frameless wall mirrors.

Decorative wall mirror

Decorations make home better, and they look good. There is no comparison between plain dull walls and the ones that are decorated well

Photo Credits Flickr

Photo Credits Flickr

Via different accessories. Decorative wall mirrors are great choices for all-purpose decorative effects. You can put them in bedrooms, foyers,

Bathrooms, and everywhere. You got a place to show off and make it a center of attention, go with decorative wall mirrors. The restriction of square wall mirrors is lifted when you delve into the decorative wall mirror style. You can go with Oval wall mirrors or round wall mirrors. You need to decide which wall can be the center of attention and voila you go with the plethora of ideas regarding decorative wall mirrors. When dealing with Decorative wall mirrors, all restrictions of current mirrors are lifted.

You can put everything on the borders, and these boundaries can be of wooden, aluminum or any metal. You can make a combination of other objects like framed edges with candles reflect the light, and this will insanely increase the looks and feels of your home. I saw a decorative mirror somewhere, and the lady made a jewelry box out of it. She picked a mirror from disposed of goods and then she converted it into a decorative wall mirror and used it for hanging all of her jewelry. Decorative wall mirrors are best fit for bathrooms. You can certainly make that tiny place larger to divert the attention of a visitor. You can manage the stuff there (like the lady mentioned above for jewelry box).

Full-length wall mirror

Full-length mirrors are often taken as not a useful type of mirrors, and I seldom saw them some places. If you can use it wisely, your home

Photo Credits Flickr

Photo Credits Flickr

Can’t be better than this. Let me quote you some examples. Do you want to give the feeling of openness and light in your room or your lounge? Put a full-length wall mirror opposite to your window. It will reflect the light and give a sense of openness. Is your bedroom small? Put two full-length mirrors side by side and places a set of curtains around them, It will give the feeling of a window, and your room is going to feel larger than its actual size.

Another more extensive look can be driven out of full-length mirrors by placing two of them across each other. It creates such a beautiful effect that everyone is going to feel that there are in very larger space. You can place full-length mirrors at some locations like Bedroom, Living Room, Hallways, or in Dining areas. Your choices for full-length mirrors are endless.

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